The Cardinals Have Been Accused Of Hiding The Truth About The Election Of Francis (plus GK Chesterton)

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Vigano has made it known that at least one cardinal but likely more know that Francis was illegally made pope. He doesn’t name names but I wish he did.




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8 thoughts on “The Cardinals Have Been Accused Of Hiding The Truth About The Election Of Francis (plus GK Chesterton)


    Fr. Malachi Martin was present at the papal conclave in 1958 and was NEVER shy about talking about the fact that Cardinal Siri was indeed elected not once but THREE TIMES. In 1958, after the white smoke rose from the Sistine Chapel, AND Cardinal Siri actually chose his papal name (Pope Gregory XVII), a faction of “French cardinals annulled the results, claiming that the election would cause widespread riots and the assassination of several prominent bishops behind the Iron Curtain.” Due to his FEARS, Siri acquiesced to this faction of cardinals, and the white smoke quickly turned back to black smoke which billowed from the chapel chimney. Shortly thereafter, Freemason Card. Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, who was sympathetic to the enemies of the Church, was elected to the papal chair. He chose the same name “John XXIII” as an infamous antipope as an esoteric symbol of the irregularity of his election.

    According to Fr. Martin, Cardinal Siri was once again elected in 1963 after Roncalli’s death, but was once again threatened to renounce the results of the election. The reason, according to Fr. Martin, was once again Siri’s FEARS. Apparently threats were once again made by the enemies of the Church. According to Fr. Martin, Siri believed that only through his second renunciation of the election results could “foreseen possibilities of grave danger be avoided—but whether harm to the Church, his family, or to him personally, was not clear.” Siri’s second renunciation followed a conversation on the subject of Siri’s candidacy between a member of the conclave and somebody outside it, who was “an emissary of an internationally based organization”. The 1963 renunciation resulted in the election of the communist friendly Freemason, Cardinal Giovanni Montini.

    In 1978, Cardinal Siri, was elected to the papacy once again for the THIRD time. According to Fr. Martin, Siri was a candidate for pope in the 1978 conclave that followed the death of Paul VI, where he is thought to have led in the early ballots before being overtaken by Albino Luciani (John Paul I), and again two months later after the sudden death of Luciani, in the October 1978 conclave, where he was also said to have received enough votes to be elected. this election took place in the conclave held after the sudden death of JPI after only 33 days in office. Fr. Martin claimed that Siri obtained a majority of votes in the first 1978 conclave, but that he had received a written note after his election threatening him and his family with death should he accept. At that time, a polish cardinal, Karol Józef Wojtyła, who was once again sympathetic to the enemies of the Church, was named to accede to the papal chair.

    Siri, who was Archbishop of Genoa from 1946 until his retirement in 1987, was appointed president of the Italian Episcopal Conference by John XXIII in 1959, and remained in the post under Paul VI until 1964. He sat on the Board of Presidency of the Second Vatican Council from 1963 until its close in 1965. At the time of his retirement in 1987, he was “the last remaining active cardinal named by Pope Pius XII”.

    It was the sincere belief expressed by Fr. Malachi Martin and many other Catholic theologians that the Catholic Church as established by Jesus Christ, as the “bride of Christ”, MUST endure the exact same passion and death experienced by her creator and spouse, in order to enter into her glory with Him in heaven for eternity. The THREE TIME election and renunciation by Cardinal Siri to the papacy, many believe reenact the THREE TIME denial of Jesus by the vicar of the Church chosen by Jesus, the apostle Peter.

    After His arrest, Jesus was condemned SIX times. Five of the six condemnations came by men holding positions of authority either in the Sanhedrin or the secular Roman authority. The last condemnation came when the Roman procurator Pilate yielded his authority to the Jews and the mobs of people gathered at the praetorium. Many believe that the condemnations by the 5 men holding positions of authority represent the 5 men who occupied the papal seat from 1958 through 2013 (Roncalli through Ratzinger), while the 6th condemnation occurred by virtue of the yielding of the last man in authority of his authority to the Jewish mobs gathered. This would represent the yielding of his papal authority by Ratzinger to the invalidly elected Jesuit, Bergoglio and his Jewish handlers.

    In the scriptural account of the arrest, passion and death of Jesus Christ, ONLY one of the Apostles followed Jesus up Calvary along with His Blessed Mother. Ten of the twelve (excluding the betrayer, Judas) abandoned Jesus due to their FEARS of the opinions of those in authority and the crowds. This is EXACTLY what we witnessed with the bishops of the Church.

    Prior to His last condemnation which was decided by the crowds, Pilate had Jesus scourged, and He was then crowned with thorns. We see this today as just before the death of Ratzinger, we witnessed what was labeled a “global pandemic” which consisted of a lab created “corona virus” consisting of lethal “spike proteins”. It is no coincidence that the word “corona” is Latin for “crown”, or that its “spike proteins” look like “thorns”. It is also no coincidence that the plant which yielded its branches for the crown of thorns is the “Euphorbia milii”, a toxic plant used for MEDICINAL purposes and named after the Greek physician, Euphorbus.

    Is the series of synods instituted by the man to whom Ratzinger yielded his authority, and now comprised of lay people as well as bishops, the equivalent of the last condemnation by the crowds of Jesus?? If so, we still have Calvary to ascend as well as the crucifixion and apparent death of the Church before being raised to her GLORY after 3 days in the tomb.

    1. ” . . a polish cardinal, Karol Józef Wojtyła, who was,
      once again SYMPATHETIC TO THE [Marxist] ENEMIES
      OF THE CHURCH . . ” ??? . . after living under Soviet
      Marxism since WW II ??? That’s a stretch! SAD indeed!

      From the Marian Movement of Priests —To The Priests,
      Our Lady Beloved Sons ( 1972 – 1997 ) —it is made clear
      that John Paul II is ” . .MY POPE . . “.

      1. My comment merely said that Cardinal Wojtyla was “sympathetic to the enemies of the Church”. The Church has multiple enemies. As “Marxists” can certainly be included in that group, those were not the “enemies” I was referring to in my comment.

        1. Apologies ! . . “Hate the sin but love the sinner”,
          yes, of course. No doubt John Paul II made every
          effort to love his enemies. No matter where his
          globe-trotting brought him he always searched
          out and found the nearest Eucharistic Tabernacle
          . . Source of loving one’s enemies.

  2. . . . but the Cardinals have to do it TOGETHER, “en masse”,
    the whole College as a “bloc”.

    But Francis has “stacked” the College with HIS picks.
    So, if it isn’t the HOLY Spirit who light HIS FIRE in
    their consciences, the Spirit of TRUTH [ about Bergoglio’s
    illegitimacy ], who will, or who CAN ?? Cardinal Burke
    by himself cannot, and shouldn’t, nor any ONE of the

    Is Francis scared of being DECLARED illegitimate ?

    Why doesn’t the Papal Chaplain [ still Cantelamessa ? ]
    get them all [ Francis as well ! ] to make an IGNATIAN
    RETREAT . . 8 days ? . . 30 days ( preferably ) ?

    What terror could possibly exist, hide, in seeking, knowing,
    and abiding by the TRUTH, even more the TRUTH IN
    LOVE . . even if that ends up taking the form of Jesus
    cleansing the Vatican, in just anger with a whip, of
    MODERNISTS who never have and never will abide
    by the Truth?

    And we the Laity, how can WE “jump-start” this —
    BY NOW NECESSARY ! —”cleansing of the Temple”
    by effective ACTION . . without once abandoning Mary’s
    Weapon, the Rosary ?

    Supposing Francis is actually declared illegitimate AND
    deposed, how will that RECOVER necessary KNOWLEDGE
    OF THE FAITH among lapsed and/or apostate Catholics
    who brought this chaos on in the first place, i.e., aiding and
    abetting imposter Jorge Bergoglio ??

  3. We/ve had over sixty years of this w/o any resolve. I am aware of the Cardinal Siri case in addition to the history of Bergolgio’s position and actions as the Bishop of Argentina and beyond. I believe Vigano knows all about all of this as do many others. If his purpose is to gain support for his comments, he is not doing his duty as a Cardinal. Enough is enough. The Church is still suffering because no one in the upper clergy is willing to come forward and make a formal case against Francis. Actions always speak louder than words and we need a decision because the Church is on the cusp of Schism. God will not be mocked forever. I suggest we stop making excuses for Francis and take the necessary steps to tackle this issue. There are certainly other groups within the Church who are in serious error so it’s time to take this to the next step asap.

  4. “He doesn’t name names”: perhaps because of Archbishop
    Viganò’s knowledge of Church History, theology, Civil and
    Canon Law, and especially human nature, his resulting
    MORE refined conscience will not let the OFF CHANCE
    of an unjust character “hit” or unforeseen scandal “down
    the road” allow him to “name names” today.


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