The Bishops Will Impose Vatican 3 and No One Is Paying Attention

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More information has come forward about the coming Synod of the Bishops, and it is all an endorsement of previously condemned error.


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One thought on “The Bishops Will Impose Vatican 3 and No One Is Paying Attention

  1. Collegiality simply means that ultimately the inmates will run the asylum. Truth will then be determined by vote or by the power of an individual or group at any given moment. This was not the intention of Christ. His intention was that the ultimate determination of what is true or false regard Catholic teaching is determined by one man, the Pope, who we believe is particularly open to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

    Like Vatican II itself, a false and pernicious council undermining Catholic doctrine, collegiality is the ultimate way to blow up the Catholic Church into a multitude of conflicting and confusing statements from which the laity can pick and choose. Thus there would no longer be a single source of Truth but a multitude of opinions. Clearly it is the work of the devil.


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