Synod Nun Basically Claims St Paul Was A Feminist

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And that women held ‘non-ritual woman-only worship services.’ Synod delegates applaud this groundbreaking insight.




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2 thoughts on “Synod Nun Basically Claims St Paul Was A Feminist

  1. Thanks for another thorough “dissection”
    of synodal developments, Anthony.

    @9:00 ff. “ . . to look at our [ human ]
    attitudes and way of discerning, to
    learn to journey TOGETHER . . “

    Pope Francis, a “graduate” dictator Juan
    Peròn, is here, through a Synod, “bending
    the tree” severely the other way. Normally,
    dictators don’t “journey together”; subjects,
    at the end of the day, must still bend to the
    FINAL say of their dictator, benign or

    Through his Synod, “Dictator” Pope Francis
    Is giving ALL his subjects their “say”. But,
    again, “at the end of the day”, what will be
    the FINAL say? Will it be different from the
    accumulate Input of the Synod invitees? Will
    Pope Francis’s [ eventual ] concluding “read-out”
    be in sync with the voiced questions, opinions,
    arguments, statements-and-emotions of his
    assembly’s delegates?

    In other words, will Pope Francis truly be
    “journeying together” with his Hierarchy and
    the Laity?

    Or will that ingrained “Latino Dictator” predictably,
    once again, OVERrule . . though —also predictably
    —NICELY ?

    Even so, if the Italian Nun’s “take” on the Scriptures
     —regarding St. Paul —is perceived as “on par” with
    the Church’s Scriptural deposit of Faith, well . . then,
    all those “journeying together” show themselves
    as “soft in the head”, the blind “journeying together”
    with “blindinos” . . bereft of true understanding,
    FULL of “sincere” feelings.

    Pope Francis would be better off accepting his
    dictatorial bent by NOT OK’ing everybody’s
    opinions, just to make them [ falsely ] “feel good”.

    Come to think of it, the basic structure of the
    Internet —me in front of my computer keying out
    my “say, you in front of your computer/ camera
    voicing yours, and millions of others out their in
    the “Digital Continent” [ Pope Benedict XVI ]
    communicting THEIR “takes . . surely this IS
    [ WAS, and will CONTINUE TO BE ] “synodality”
    . . living, and on-going.

    But, in no way does this most recently “NEW”
    reality frac [ modern mining method ] to pieces
    Peter-the-Rock, which is Christ’s Church !


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