Synod Declares: The New Mass Is Officially Too Rigid

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Plus, American priests are turning against Trads and taking Francis’ anti-trad bait.




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4 thoughts on “Synod Declares: The New Mass Is Officially Too Rigid

  1. It’s me again . . two days later, REvisiting this podcast. What strikes me this time ’round is that Vatican II officially
    launched CHANGE! “Fast forward” to now and —especially with this so-called ” Synod on Synodality looming —
    what “floats to the surface” for this sinner is . . MORE change! . . in fact, CHANGE FOR THE SAKE OF CHANGE!

    The idea of a “rigid” “SURE FOUNDATION” —i.e. Sacred Deposit of Faith (Sacred Scripture; Sacred Tradition:
    Sacred Magisterial Teaching, the Wisdom of the Saints —is to be blocked, scrapped . . in fact . . Peter the Rock
    exchanged for permanent, global, in-house squabbling.

    Catholic Worship and Liturgy exchanged for Protestant “Fellowship” without the Mass.

    Missing? God. Adoration. the Mass. the Eucharist. the Real Presence. The SACRAMENTAL LIFE of the Church.

    An ABC Ecclesiastical “Daycare”, with no Dads, no Moms. No Holy Mother Church. No Christ as Saviour, King,
    Good Shepherd. Just squabbling kids.

    Funny that Servant of God, Catherine de Huek Doherty (founder of Madonna House) once compared Heaven to a
    Nursery filled with Toddlers.

    At the University of Louvain (Belgium), many years ago, a successful “Cum Laude” Theology candidate was asked
    a final question: “What do you KNOW?” His answer —the REQUIRED answer! —was, “Nothing”.

    With that we’re back to “Toddlership”.

    1. POSTSCRIPT: But from Bishop Athanasius Schneider we hear, “ . . The practise of adoration, first in the liturgy of the Holy Mass, and in Eucharistic adoration, transforms man into Christ and makes him truly reverent and filled with FILIAL fear of God. As Dietrich von Hildebrand points out: ‘He who lives in the Liturgy becomes filled with reverence not only in the sense of that fundamental reverence which is a . . . precondition of faith, but also in the sense of that reverence which is a part of faith in the Triune God, hope in God, love of God —in other words, of the reverence of the God-man, Jesus Christ himself.”  —The Catholic Mass: Steps To Restore the Centrality of God
      In the Liturgy. 2021/ Sophia Institute/ transl. Diane Montagna/ ISBN 978-1-64413-541-9.

  2. . . about minimalizing (i.e. pretty well 24/7): I’ve been reflecting on the reality of most of us living, and moving, and
    having our being around our cars (. . pick-ups; vans; SUVs). And they go, on average, from 20 to 85 (south of us
    in Montana!) miles per hour. More than once I’ve jotted the following not to myself: “Drive into the driveway/ garage;
    turn off the engine; take out the keys; hang ’em up inside on the key hook; BACK AWAY FROM THEM KEYS!;
    slowly shuffle to the “Lay-Z Boy” in your favourite quiet spot and . . well, BE still!”

    STANDING before —and marvelling at — a magnificent oak tree is VASTLY different from whizzing PAST it at
    75 —or even 39 —miles per hour. The former is the absorbing IN LIVING AND STRIKING DETAIL that massive,
    wind-rustled sentinel of Nature. The latter is the “sound-byte”/ eyeball “video-clip” of the identical oak tree, MINIMALIZED because of the viewer’s movement i.e. S P E E D. We love to drive fast (or are “driven”), talk fast,
    walk fast, eat fast, buy fast . . see, hear, taste, smell, think, and touch fast.

    But an old saying has it that, “Monks and oaks are immortal” . . because there’s absolutely NO hurry. God never
    hurries either. Think of all time wasted, nourishment never absorbed, mind never at leisure, Souls never
    in conversation with its yet-to-be-encountered intimate Friend . . because of hurry.

    Oops! I’ve become preachy i.e. not peachy. And yet my wife is always, and will remain, in the “Park” gear. Whereas
    I have most my 78 years being in “Passing” gear. Elizabeth is winning! (Thank God!) and I’ve definitely sauntered
    into promenade mode . . having noticed that it’s the Grand kids who are —and are SUPPOSED to be —the
    excited and lively and HIGH-speed creatures, who bring Grandpa (and Grandma, kind-of) to a “dead” stop!

  3. From the definitions of “synod” —in general, a meeting or assembly above all other assemblies,informing and
    forming them —it would seem to this observer that a “synod on synodality” amounts to yet another Protestant denomination, this time the instituting a perpetually analyzing, naval-gazing, narcissistic NON church . . because the Head is missing. Yes, you’ve got the correct image: a chicken running around with its head NOW cut off.

    Seen as “the appropriate way to DO Church”? Really? . . to “DO” Church? . . simply because: “We [ whoever that might be ] find [ conclude and pontificate ] that the liturgy is lived [ i.e. HAS COME to be lived ] in a cold, passive, ritualized, monotonous, and distant manner . . largely due to a lack of formation about its content [ they’ve got THAT right: no Catholic Catechesis of the Laity by their Bishops for over half a century! ], which leads to a misunderstanding of what it is and what it means and [ THEREFORE ] a lack of participation . . which leads to indifference.”

    . . nothing that Romano Guardini’s Meditations Before Mass [1939/ German/ Grüwald Verlag; 1956/ English/ Newman
    Press; 1993, 1997, 2013/ English/ Sophia Institute Press . . first given to university students ] can’t begin to
    address . . and Re-dress.

    More recently there is Sr. M Pasclaina’s memoirs of her 42-year service to Eugenio Pacelli/ Pope Pius XII, when
    the Mass of the Ages was fully “intact” and offered and assisted with mind, heart, and soul i.e. with the REVERENCE
    due it, by both Priest and congregation. (See: His Humble Servant, 1984/ transl. by Susan Johnson).

    MOST recently, there is The Springtime That Never Came, with Bishop Athanasius Schneider & Pawel Lisicki, an in- depth look at —what ends up being a detailed answer to the question — “What’s Wrong With The Church These Days?”. (2021/ Sophia)

    . . . followed, also by Bishop Schneider & Aurilio Porfiri ( 2021/ Sophia) with: The Catholic Mass: Steps To Restore The Centrality of God in the Liturgy . . . surely a MUST READ! . . to “power-swim” our way, with help from our
    Guardian Angels and the Holy Spirit, through the current Papal/ Hierarchical muddied waters in which we’re almost drowning.

    But first: let us “design” a personal prayer-and-fasting agenda, so that we RE-enter sober-minded into “the Way, the
    Truth, and the Life”. The Carthusians have had a “no-nonsense” prescription all along. We’re not Carthusians,
    but we can tailor our day accordingly. ( See: Halfway To Heaven: the Hidden Life of the Carthusians, Robin Bruce Lockhart; CS #186).

    Being of the post-War, pre-Vatican II generation, my wife and I clearly remember the fasting rule before Mass: i.e. water, but NO FOOD intake from midnight ’till Mass time.


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