Sunday Update: Vatican Cardinal Faces Prison, Troubling Promotions From Rome, and St John Vianney

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In tonight’s livestream we focused on the saga of Cardinal Becciu, the first Cardinal in history to face Vatican prison time, and the replacement for Cardinal Tucho Fernandez in Argentina.


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6 thoughts on “Sunday Update: Vatican Cardinal Faces Prison, Troubling Promotions From Rome, and St John Vianney

  1. Sorry I’m late for question section, but, it seems
    to Prairie Grandpa here that the big question also
    is: Do these “swimming trunks” appointees
    qualify for the title of [ GENUINE ] successors
    of the [ Christ-chosen ] Apostles ??

    “Swimming trunk” appointees, to this Grandpa,
    SHOUT: “The Church needs a break from formal,
    stuffed-cassock, cloistered utterances. In other
    words, how ’bout joining sun [not Son] worshippers
    in season !”

    Thanks, Anthony, for defending and promoting
    the Catholic Virtue of MODESTY [ of dress; of speech;
    of attitude]. You’ve got solid support in the Deposit
    of Faith re. the Moral virtues. [ See: Fr. Chad Ripperger
    on the Auxilium Christianorum, i.e., the 15th vice
    AGAINST TEMPERANCE: ” . . Immodesty: lack of
    moderation regarding one’s externals.”


  2. This is the Third Pornocracy. Back in the 1960s, the Modernists gained control of the clerical HR department, which provided the framework for the godless. They are all under the Vicar of Beelzebub.

  3. When Pope Montini declared “we too have the cult of Man,” he bespoke the essence of V2, which declared that definitive truths were no longer really true, and that untruths are truths. And he had zero fortitude, he lacked entirely the outstanding virtues required for sanctity, as he oversaw the destruction of thousands of altars and the dismissal of old priests and thousands of religious. This makes him a saint in the minds of the unbelieving.

  4. Anthony, Regarding St. John Vianney: Papal Exorcist
    (now deceased), Fr. Amorth, in his book PADRE PIO,
    FRIEND [ 2016 (Italian); 2021 ( Ignatius Press), more
    than confirms St. Jean’s teaching on Sin, the Devil,
    the absolute need of Confession.

    Besides, Padre Pio’s life and sufferings end with a “Smile”:
    the building of the Hospital for the sick, injured, and poor.
    His absolutions [ GIVEN OR WITH HELD ] were NEVER
    “to send to Hell”, but ALWAYS “to send to Heaven”.

  5. Most Loved Anthony,

    This is my Sunday update shared with the Diocese of Tucson , Tyler Texas , my spiritual director , and Trinitarians . Please call if you like 619-437-6644 , I am happy to take anyone’s questions .

    The Following are e-mails sent to the parties idenfied above :

    BTW Father, as a Neurologist , my take is you still have a great memory

    Love Ya and thanks for all your support the last 5 years .

    Blessings, Scott

    Sent from my iPhone

    On Jul 30, 2023, at 12:55 AM, VICTORIA E LASALA wrote:

    Hi Father,

    You probably know most of what I share with you, but, since much is in confession, and you have dementia, none of that which I speak to may make any sense ?

    But, you may recall, I did share with you that Francis owed Mother Lillie an apology,. Maybe not ? It could be his underlings are manipulating him to drive their own agenda and he is held hostage to the thought there is a valid investigation or that there ever was a valid investigation ?

    Anyway, those are my thoughts .

    Blessings, Scott

    Sent from my iPhone

    Begin forwarded message:

    Date: July 30, 2023 at 12:27:22 AM MST
    Cc: Trinitarians Of Mary
    Subject: For Bishop Stricklands file

    Sent to the Trinitarians

    Sent from my iPhone

    Begin forwarded message:

    Date: July 30, 2023 at 12:25:46 AM MST
    To: Trinitarians Of Mary
    Subject: For Your files

    BTW, the reason I say “pretext” of a FBI investigation is because FBI investigations are not admitted to.The investigation remains active ( to my knowledge ) and all e-mails and phone calls can be assumed captured and scrutinized ( not admitted to ).

    So this presumes a FBI investigation in which I was surveilled ,but not a target
    ( The ex-business partner being the target in a business divorce ) .

    My donation to The Trinitarians then scrutinized , as I might compromise the Trinitarians , and then researched by Tiajuana to also find out I had a run in with Bishop Kicanas 10 years earlier over His Real Presence ( priest abuse crisis ) . So , Tiajuana and San Diego Bishops “run” with the narrative that I am the criminal target of an investigation. They then punish Mother Lillie and her Sisters ; it’s “get even” time for Mother Lillie as she
    is 24/7 perpetual adoration , prays for His Church, and prays for His Priests. BUT she does not appreciate priests ( or anyone ) who lives double lives . So that’s it in a nutshell. It all comes out now because it took 8 years for a pimple to pop .

    1. Thanks for filling the details, Dr. Scott ! We’re ALL
      [ yes, here in Alberta, Canada too! ] beholden to
      Perpetual Adorer, MOTHER LILLIE, insofar
      as persons, rooted in the Real Presence, are like
      that “tree of Lebanon” planted by the River: they will
      never dry up and die.


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