Suffering Priest BEGS His Bishop Not To Impose Francis’ Cruel Will

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People don’t understand how bad things really are.




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3 thoughts on “Suffering Priest BEGS His Bishop Not To Impose Francis’ Cruel Will

  1. Of course men whose entire lives are ssacrilegious want sacrilegious communions. But since it’s unlikely these men are either really priests or bishops, I doubt there is anything of the Real Presence there anyway. The reason people don’t believe in the Real Presence is because there is only an Actual Absence in the majority of parishes and dioceses in the world.

  2. Boy! . . this is difficult to fathom. ” . . Francis’ cruel will . .”
    C R U E L ?? But of course, HIS “take” on the Church’s
    SACRED Deposit of the Faith —as RIGID —has got to
    be even crueler, no?

    Let’s have a look at what’s truly “cruel”.

    “( Maryknoll missionary Bishop Francis Ford, arrested
    by the Chinese Communists 1948-9, imprisoned, and too
    brutalized to stand, as reported by his former secretary,
    a Religious Sister) .. Then came the day of the death
    march. (Bishop Ford) was put out in line between two
    other prisoners (Chinese). The Chinese Communist
    Colonel .. tied a sack around his neck weighing over
    20 pounds .. in such a way that the rope tightened as
    he walked .. The good Sister, seeing what was done,
    .. broke the line of march, for she was behind with the
    women. She came up and shouted at the Colonel,
    “LOOK at him !!” For the first time he seemed to see
    pain etched in the face of the Bishop . . ( but later )
    coming to his Communist semses, he called her a
    ‘dog’, ordering her to get back in line .. her eyes ‘glued’
    to the Bishop.”

    “After two miles he was still walking upright, between
    his two aides, but the sack was not on his back. (It had
    been taken off by the Communist Colonel, because,
    as Sister said) he once carried the Blessed Sacrament.
    [ While being arrested herself, she had inserted
    the Consecrated Hosts in a loaf of bread, being
    smuggled out, and told the Colonel to hold the
    loaf while she got ready ] “.

    After Bishop Ford died in Feb. of 1952, the former
    cook, who had betrayed and falsely accused the
    Bishop to the occupying Communists —for which
    he was made chief of police in that village —went
    back to the chapel of the residence, “threw a rope
    over a rafter and hung himself” —Fulton J. Sheen,
    Treasure in Clay, ch. 9 “Of Missions and Missionaries

    All this is rather mystifying until one takes note of
    a Communist guard who one day came with a
    lead pipe ” .. and told Sister to hit every woman
    over the head with it. She laid the pipe gently on
    the shoulder of each woman. The guard shouted,
    ‘You’re not a Communist !!’ ‘Why not?’ she asked.
    ‘BECAUSE YOU DO NOT HATE !’ After much
    torture, she .. (remained faithful to her vocation)”
    —Treasure/ ch. 9, China.

    In light of this eye-witness account —and there
    are SO many ! .. silent accounts of 20th century
    victims of atheist rulers —can the Faithful MIS-
    read Dictator Bergogllio’s repeaated BI-POLAR
    treatment of “his boys” and any unwanted TRULY
    Catholic Priests and Laity?

    Sorry to say it, but Francis’s sneaky hatred of
    Christ and His Church stands out in bold relief.

    Much as Catholic Social Media cameras show
    Francis in beautiful Liturgical robes at functions
    like Beatifications, Canonizations, visits to nations
    not previously visited, empathizing with victims of
    earthquakes and floods .. even praying before a
    statue of Our Lady of Fatima (while consecrating
    Russia to her), and professing devotion to Our
    Lady, Untier of Knots, one finds it difficult to get
    PAST his REPEATED bi-polar “switcheroos”
    which bespeak a whole OTHER  —and DARK —
    trajectory for the Barque of St.Peter and ALL of
    the Faithful.

    From the spirit of uncleanness, Lord, save your people !

    By Your Cross and Passion, Lord, save your people !

    That it may please you TO BRING US to true penance,
    Lord, hear our prayer !


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