Some Are Openly Asking: Is Francis The False Prophet?

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5 thoughts on “Some Are Openly Asking: Is Francis The False Prophet?

    1. Heroic service, Ajay! I couldn’t thank you more.

      BTW, if you’re following Anthony these past couple of days, he’s got it backwards.

      The FSSP did not say the responses to the dubia do not apply to them, but rather that Roche’s Responsa were not addressed to the FSSP, which is a different matter altogether.

      Roche not only confirmed this fact in his reply, which is the subject of today’s podcast, but he then even underlined this embarrassing omission all the more — embarrassing because it exposes his own lack of confidence and authority — by again deliberately refraining from explicitly mentioning any of the institutes that are presumably the subject of his ukase by name.

      Why is he so coy? Because once he directly charges any of the institutes to force compliance, then the battle lines will be redrawn around the arguments present by the Soc. of St. V. Ferray, (sp.?), who said the quiet part out loud: Before Francis can enforce his will on the Church, he has to make Benedict XVI a liar, and state as much formally, which is the last thing he wishes to do, lest it bring faith in the papacy itself to utter ruin.

      Anthony is right to say that FSSP could have made the same arguments but wrong in dismissing them as cowards for failing to do so. They don’t need to. They have Francis over a barrel, and are calling his buff by simply saying that no one is addressing them directly, so they’ll just carry on. Their card in the hole is the full faith and credit of the Roman pontiff (Benedict XVI) itself.

      This is defiance, if in a very subtle form. This is how they roll in the Vatican. The fact that Roche blusters about vague authorities in the abstract but refuses to indict particulars shows how weak he is, and that the FSSP is holding its ground — and winning.

      Thanks again for the article and,

      Ave Maria

  1. Where is the link to “Bergolio is not the anti-Christ but the false prophet that precedes him?”

  2. The first article you mentioned is missing from your sources. Where can I find it?

  3. Je is the false prophet. He is a nephlim like Obama and other heads of state.

    He will never speak of Repentance, Confession.! He cannot !

    He will continue to do damage to the church……


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