Sister Lucia of Fatima: The Evidence For An Imposter (w/Dr Peter Chojnowski)

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My interview with the Director of Sister Lucy Truth.




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One thought on “Sister Lucia of Fatima: The Evidence For An Imposter (w/Dr Peter Chojnowski)

  1. Anthony we realize your duties to the general,
    Non Catholic, separated Brethren, and “plain jane”
    secular viewing public.

    For the practising, knowledgeable Catholic, poor
    Dr. Peter’s sharing this time-consuming “Scientific
    Evidence” has been SUPER over-kill for this pilgrim.
    A GLANCE OR TWO at the “Lucies” in question is plenty
    to conclude that they’re NOT the same woman.

    An obvious question remains: WHO BEGAN PUSHING
    THE IMPOSTER NUN ????? It remains un-addressed.
    One might suppose that the tedious routine of collating
    reams of MEASURED “SCIENTIFIC” evidence takes its
    toll in a similar way that the mole, “measuring” every
    square centimetre of dirt it has to tunnel through, HAS
    taken its toll in that burrower’s blindness.

    What “blinded” the global viewing/ reading audience
    from noticing any difference in images of “Lucy”?
    Feelings? Euphoria, that the original Seer of 1917
    was still around and up close . . perpetuating, in
    memory, the FELT experience of 1917?

    FATIMA IN LUCY’S OWN WORDS remains plenty
    authentic, a NON improveable official Church
    document [ 1976; Imprimatur by + Bishop Albert
    of Leira, Portugal ].

    The scatter-brain trips of the Internet’s tsunamis
    of relentless SIMULTANEOUS keyboard
    inputs, seriously challenges an OVER-ALL focus
    . . “fact”-checking with a voracious appetite for
    yet MORE “facts”. Viewers are brought to be
    SO fascinated with the BARK of the tree that,
    sooner than later, the WHOLE tree never comes
    back . . never mind the whole FOREST !

    Returning to FATIMA IN LUCY’S OWN
    WORDS will allow the READER to breathe
    the ABIDING TRUTH of her candid account
    . . written under Religious Obedience no less,
    DURING a Pontificate faithfully adhering to
    the Church’s Sacred Deposit of Faith, and
    NOT open to alteration, Pontifical, Episcopal
    or otherwise.

    Should we, the Faithful, ALLOW the events of
    Fatima 1917 to remain alive and pertinent, the
    directions from the Queen of Heaven  —”MORE
    Mother than Queen” (Ste.Thérèse of Lisieux) —
    will also remain alive and [ forever ! ] pertinent,
    thus AVOIDING the Hell shown the children and
    GAINING Heaven, by living the Fatima Message.


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