Shocking New Report Shows That Most American Catholics Are Heretics

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It’s not just Germany, folks.




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2 thoughts on “Shocking New Report Shows That Most American Catholics Are Heretics

  1. We are living in an evil, deluded time. Our duty as Catholics is to pray and repent of our own sins. May God be with us and heal His Church.

  2. Boy! . . Anthony, talk about in imploded structure, the final demolition of the Church of the Ages,
    of the Apostolic Church, of the Apostilic Mass. A re-visit: “ Sensitive things are coming up, difficult conversations about difficult topics are coming up” [ the wholly “sensitivity groups” voice talking here, meaning, “ . . every single report . . expresses a . . desire [ by an de-Churched, easily-led Laity ] to continue . . synodal listening, to enter into a sacred space [ what happened to REAL “Sacred Space” around each Inhabited Tabernacle around the world ??? ] and engage DEEP listening and discernment with one another [ i.e. Shepherdless ] on a regular basis.” But this is “an attack on the Sacraments . . an attack on the Morality of the Faith; one begets the other . . the LAITY in America OVERWHELMINGLY [ stats don’t lie ] want the Church to change its teaching ( and ) its the older generation leading the way for this Moral Apostasy?”

    A surprise ?? . . given the “summer of shame ( 2018 )” and the (same) Bishops having let dust collect on the Catechism of the Catholic Church [ which contains and guards the Sacred Deposit of the Faith ] FOR THE LAST 50 YEARS, the resulting mass ignorance is a “done deal”. If not formed in the Teachings of the Church, then an (irreversible ?) formation in the values of the World.

    A Vacuum here is impossible. Its one or the other. No admixture, or “half-and-half”, like coffee whitener.

    But, if secularized “en masse”, the Laity have thereby been living “rudder-less”, separated from the REAL Christ, herded off the Barque of St. Peter commandeered by “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and clowning“apes”. Whereas . . .

    “despite intransigent clerical attitudes in opposition to the venerable Latin-Gregorian liturgy, attitudes typical of the clericalism (censured by Pope Francis). . a new generation of young people has emerged in the heart of the Church . . ONE OF YOUNG FAMILIES, who demonstrate that THIS LITURGY [ rooted in the Greek & Latin antiquity & the Apostolic Mass of St. Jerome ] HAS A FUTURE because it has a past, a history of holiness and beauty, that cannot be erased or abolished overnight.” (Robert Cardinal Sarah)

    How long, O Lord? . . how long ?!


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