Senior Vatican Cardinal Challenges Synod To Remain Catholic

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But with leaving unambiguous moral questions up to the discretion of the individual priest at the direction of Francis, will they even listen?




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4 thoughts on “Senior Vatican Cardinal Challenges Synod To Remain Catholic

  1. Bergoglio is a bum. My wife and I came into the Church as grandparents nine years ago…not DESPITE its dogma on marriage and the family, but partly BECAUSE of those teachings.
    It is beyond disturbing to see this petty tyrant act like a petulant brat Millennial or Gen Z’er. He is NOT a heretic. He is an apostate.

  2. @ 1:00 f ” . . secularized, Protestantized [ NON ]
    Catholic Church . . “

    1. P.S.

      “Pre-determined” . . sums it up nicely, predictably
      fitting of a Dictator Pope, a graduate of Juan Peròn’s
      methods. HE will have the “last say”, in spite of
      what a Faithful Cardinal has warned about and
      astutely clarified.


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