7 thoughts on “Senior Cardinal SLAMS Heretic Bishops & Says They’re Not Even Catholic

  1. It should be obvious by now that Francis is a power player of the most egregious sort. His obsession w/power is tantamount to the power of the Kings of the Old Testament which, as we all know, was brutal. We now have a New Testament example of this kind of barbarity and absolute disregard for any power that comes from Christ and His Kingdom of Truth and Justice. Yes, Francis and his minions will destroy themselves and if repentance isn’t in their tool bags, their eternal destiny is doomed to be that of the unrepentant because, as we also know, the unforgiveable Sin against the HS will be their judgment. This is a horrific situation but Francis, who is not Catholic, has given himself over to the world’s current power players who believe they are the new gods of all creation. In the end they, too, will be destroyed but in the meantime we, the faithful have an extremely important role to play and that is to remain faithful in a time of extreme persecution and, if we are asked, to offer our lives in return for what Our Lord has done for us. Christ’s physical death on the Cross is our example because if he had not suffered and died by shedding every ounce of His precious blood, we could never be saved because w/o the shedding of His blood there would be no sacrifice and no salvation. This Lent is very important. Offer it for the restoration of the true faith.

    1. Thank you, Mr. Terranova. So very well “unpacked”!
      . . and a fitting “back drop” for Lent.

      My wife and I are, this hour, viewing Fr. Ripperger
      on “The state of Evil in the World” -Youtube ( aired
      first on Jan. 8/23). An excellent corollary to what
      you have put down, because detailed and from
      a veteran Exorcist.

      Very worth viewing.

      Final lines: ” . . just keep your focus ON GOD”.

      What does THAT “look like”? Everything Bishop
      Athanasius Schneider has put down in his book
      The Catholic Mass: Steps to Restore the Centrality
      of God in the Liturgy; 2021/ Sophia Institute
      Press/ transl. Diane Montagna/ 13 chapters/ very
      reasonable from amazon.com/ kindle.


      OREMUS PRO INVICEM, “Let us pray for one
      another in turn.” . . a standard closing greeting
      in a letter “way back in the day”.

  2. When I read ANY of FR. GERALD MURRAY’s
    articles —especially his most recent (Sat. Feb.
    18, 2023) —in The Catholic Thing, it becomes
    urgently and frighteningly OBVIOUS that the
    sitting Vicar of CHRIST, Pope Francis, is NOT
    His Vicar —doesn’t behave like it — but

    [see: https://www.thecatholicthing.org/author/
    fr-gerald-e-murray/ ]

    First and last paragraph will have to do here.
    Fr. Murray’s doctrinal reasons are clearly
    spelled out in the body of the article. Well-
    known, Fr. Murray is the “straight-shooting”
    and CALM Canonist from a Parish in the
    New York city and Diocese”

    “The situation of the Catholic Church at
    present is one of grave disorder, DUE IN
    LARGE PART to the willingness of Pope
    Francis to say, do, and tolerate things that
    NO Pope in history has ever said, done, or

    “Pope Francis’ manifest NEGLECT OF HIS
    DUTY to defend the Church’s teaching in
    the face of GRAVE ERRORS calls for a
    ‘tough love’, i.e., intervention in which
    courageous CARDINALS and BISHOPS,
    setting aside customary politeness and
    deference, FRANKLY TELL THE POPE
    that this madness be stopped. NOW.”
    [ emphases mine, c&e ]

    Need we be reminded of Our Lady’s
    warning in 1989 —and SINCE Fatima —
    ” . . the task of Ecclesiastical Free-
    masonry . . is that of DESTROYING
    Christ and His Church, BUILDING A
    NEW IDOL, namely a false christ and
    a false church . . ” 1989, June 13, “The
    Beast Like A Lamb.”
    [To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved
    Sons, Marian Movement of Priests ].

  3. I have to agree with Wendell, but I’ll try to express it more simply. These German bishops, like many of us, grew up and were formed in a Church that obsessed over Vatican II. They have been imbibed on the idea that the Council was indeed, as Ratzinger warned, a sort of “superdogma” that erased all that came before it. From that standpoint, I believe the Cardinal is attempting to reach these bishops in a language they will understand. After all, virtually everything Pope Bergoglio is doing is done in the name of Vatican II, which he never ceases invoking.

  4. The cardinal evidently hinges his agrument on what he perceives as common ground, the ground of a flawed movement in the Church. It is akin to a Judaizers clinging to what was obviously wrong the moment it was conceived but had the patina of validity to the hidebound. It is also akin to a watchman warning others not to pass out through the gate into the lawless wastes whilst holding the gate open.

  5. I myself have come to the conclusion that the German Bishops are not Catholic because they have been disobedient to the Catholic faith which has been handed down from God to the Apostles for the purpose of going out into the world to baptize all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and for all the baptized to be of the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic faith. This line of reasoning is the bedrock of our Catholic faith. It is being undermined by the enemies of Christ and must be stopped by those in authority who have the right and the responsibility to carry out this mandate; the laity cannot undertake this mandate. Yes, V2 is a huge part of the problem and as Archbishop Vigano has publicly stated: V2 needs to be abolished and that the traditions of the true Church be implemented and followed if one wishes to remain Catholic. I really don’t see why this is such a thorn in the side of those who, to be honest, are clueless in regard to the codified Cathechism of the Catholic Church which is found in the Catechism of the Council of Trent. Let’s be honest: We have lost our way because we have followed the Council of the wicked. I agree w/Archbishop Vigano and I also agree w/Cardinal Brandmueller; now I want to see the next step in the process of bringing the faith back to its tradition of following what Christ’s Church teaches based on the faith that Christ gave us which is a faith built on the faith of Peter who is the rock. NO BISHOP IS SYNONYMOUS WITH PETER AND NO CATHOLIC CAN BE PART OF THE SYNODAL WAY.


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