Senior Cardinal Denounces Attempts By Heretics To Secularize The Church

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Why is it always the Germans?




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2 thoughts on “Senior Cardinal Denounces Attempts By Heretics To Secularize The Church

  1. Anthony,

    You reached into origins of satanic infiltration today by your straightforward analysis “follow the money “ . Yes , it should be done , yet with a perspective that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions ? “

    Your assessment dates the union of Church and secular social interests to the 1960’s . In the United States this became manifest as a gradual relinquishment of health care , hospitals, and nursing homes – a participation in which the State regulated its control over the sick and dying. The Church in many places gave up its influence in Catholic Universities and many schools closed , a death by money starvation .

    Which , by extension , can be seen active in the “border crisis” . Catholic Social Services is participatory to immigrant aid .
    BUT , where comes the money ? Yes, as an NGO it comes from the printing press of one political party . The Church perceives “great”, loving the other . The church everywhere “red” perceives a state sponsored invasion of people , crime, lawlessness ( immigrants ARE illegal ) , drug smuggling , and human trafficking.

    Whene did all this really start ? Saul Lewinsky , Chicago . He was as communist
    in “sheep’s” clothing the instigator to bring the Chicago Catholic Church into social action . It has spread everywhere. Most Bishops now believe all their social Justice leanings are with biblical intention . Maybe so, but linked to government as to the structure, policies, and delivery of charity .

    Really no different from “helping” those active in promoting the James Martin sin

    In a certain sense, when you go to “the money” , Traditionalists are those who don’t like how there tithes are being spent ?

    It seems it’s all about money and mamon and the wizard behind the curtain is mamon .

    Blessings, Raphael

  2. As is your hallmark, Anthony, you sum it up well again.
    Thanks for doing that “homework” for side-liners like
    myself, especially from ” . . since the end of the cold
    war” (@11:00 ff) to “. . an ambiguous mess” (@12:00 f)

    We all Traditional Catholics ASSUME belief in the Real
    (Corporeal) Presence of Christ in the Consecrated Host
    and Wine. Whereas, under Pope Francis, even this
    essential is rendered ambiguous in the smoke and dust
    of NON-Ecclesial, POLITICAL wrangling.

    REAL Holiness is in eclipse. HOW darkened ? Simply
    justapoze St. Augustine —or ANY of the Early Church
    Fathers — with “Frankie’s Fuzzie Fancies”:

    “He took the flesh of Mary . . and gave us the same
    flesh to be eaten UNTO SALVATION . . we DO sin
    BY NOT ADORING.”  —St. Augustine, explanations
    of the Psalms. [EWTN . . ?]

    “The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defent it.
    Let it loose; it will defend itself.” [ AZ Quotes ]

    How long, O Lord, before the “Lion of Truth”
    breaks out of the clouds of ambiguity ??”


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