Saturday: Vigano: Modernist Persecute Catholics The Way The Pharisees Persecuted Christ

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Plus St Vincent of Lerins on Heresy





St Vincent of Lerins: Heresy & The Incarnation of Christ


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One thought on “Saturday: Vigano: Modernist Persecute Catholics The Way The Pharisees Persecuted Christ

  1. The CONVERSION of St. Paul . . the Church Unity Octave . .
    eight days of prayer by THE CHURCH for “the conversion
    of non-Catholics: schismatics, heretics, and pagans”.

    BLIMEY! Spank my lazy bones for forgetting this
    former (“Old Calendar”) essential feast of the Church’s
    MISSION! I KNEW the NO religion had stuff MISSING,
    but couldn’t pin-point it, seeing as in the NO Mass
    it isn’t NECESSARY to use a Missal. How crucial is
    reading AS WELL AS hearing and saying !! The
    instinctive seeking for COMFORT (first!) seems
    to be the foundation of laziness.

    If the “New Church” had stayed faithful to the “One,
    Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic” Church, they would
    have been praying for THEMSELVES i.e. praying
    themselves right back into the Church of Jesus
    Christ and His Apostles!

    Instead [ Archbishop Viganò] “The new church,
    following in the footsteps of the Council, has
    renounced its mission and tries to disguise what
    differentiates us from the sects and idolaters by
    emphasizing —ACCORDING TO THEM —what
    unites us, namely, a “senseless humanism” [like
    the proverbial CART BEFORE the horse] is placed
    before “the SUPERnatural mission of preaching
    the TRUE FAITH . . ”

    Concerning St. Vincent of Lerins’ commentary on
    Our Lady: HOW C O M P L E T E !! Just as in
    real-estate the guiding rule is: “Location! Location!
    Location!” so in Faith and Morals [ contrary to
    Pope Francis’s endemic AMBIGUITY ]
    C E R T I T U D E is the rule, “Heads up!
    Heads up! Heads up!” as to D I F F E R E C E S !
    . . in Latin: “Distinguo! Distinguo! Distinguo!”

    St. Vincent achieves this clarity by finessing EACH
    and EVERY aspect of a disputed question as a
    HOLY Lawyer would. Whereas Pope Francis leaves
    us on the side-walk, trudging through the slush of
    a January thaw.


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