One thought on “Saturday Update: Malachi Martin and Msgr. Ronald Knox

  1. Anthony, what timely wisdom by Msgr. Knox !! . . and
    how thorough his observations, and keen his advice !

    He reflects —FORESAW? —the very “face” of TODAY,
    wrinkles, snoring, scowls, warts, unkempt hair,
    unshaven, painted up ‘n all. This is not to dispute
    the material, medical, technological, and INSTANT
    WorldWideWeb correspondence, quantum leaps
    achieved this past century . . inventions and
    designs helped along by the high-pitched pressures
    of TWO World Wars.

    Now, like then, we ignore at our own peril the Msgr’s
    insight, what with the many ‘blinkered” news pundits
    actually verbalizing the unthinkable: the possibility —no
    even the LIKELiHOOD —of NUCLEAR war, surely a war
    beyond imagining, as WW I was beyond imagining
    IN Mgr. Knox’s time.

    By our own uncharity, stupidity, comfort, and cowardice
     —Godlessness —we release AGAIN “the dogs of
    war”, those UNEXORCISED Demons who have
    wreaked havoc in in Souls, both individual and societal.

    Our fogged memories and glazed-over donut-
    craving sugar guts fail to see the fangs which will
    once again tear up their prey —ourselves and others —
    only INSTANTLY, because of “progress” in armed

    As Msgr. Knox says (@4:55 f ) “We should trust God
    to rescue us IN HIS OWN TIME, and in the way HE
    SEES BEST, from the difficulties which HE’S allowed
    to beset us.” Yes, even in the Dictatoriate of Jorge
    Bergoglio and his projected NWO “church”.

    We DO pray for Pope Francis, morning and evening,
    daily !!

    Indeed, ” . . lead us not into temptation” is a practical
    “hint” from Our Lord’s Prayer itself, i.e., to play “dumb”,
    instead of being the lit match igniting yet one more
    conflagration . . as SATAN would like.

    “Eternal Father, for the sake of [ Your Beloved Son’s ]
    sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on THE
    WHOLD WORLD [ that ‘babble of nationalities’ ].


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