Saturday Update: Good Bishop Accuses Francis Of Undermining The Faith

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Plus a historic reflection on the Sacred Heart.






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3 thoughts on “Saturday Update: Good Bishop Accuses Francis Of Undermining The Faith

  1. On the level of [ SACRED ] human accompaniment,
    Anthony, what does computer-chair prairie Grandpa
    think is GOING to happen? He DOESN’T ! Being a
    very early riser —after my morning ride to Tim Horton’s,
    a coffee, “drinking in” the delicious morning silence” too,
    and listening to favourite music [ source of joy ] —I
    return home, view the day’s RTR podcast, and respond
    . . like right now.

    I wait fro my wife to ready herself for the day, and
    ask her: “What’s on deck for today, dear?” HER
    response constitutes “what I think is going to
    happen THIS brand new day.” So, Zelinsky? Putin?
    Biden? etc. etc. etc. That’s “Jo’s” concern and
    intercessory job description. Our fresh, high-spirited,
    unscripted, “dive into the day” Grandkids far-and-
    away all the sources of FEAR and COWARDICE
    bred by the World.

    Yesterday the CHURCH celebrated the feast day of
    the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and in your podcast you
    rightly called for reparation for the appalling mockery
    of the Sacred coming from the world of “PROFESSIONAL”
    sports and its CAVE IN to perverted sexuality.

    Today it’s the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Back-to-back
    with the Sacred Heart this year, representing and
    reminding the Faithful of the SOUL of Catholic Piety, of
    the HEART of “return love” . . that rock-solid [ but dying ? ]
    relationship between Catholics and Jesus and Mary.

    I’m not a “news HOUND”, but anybody out there here
    even hear a whisper from Pope Francis referring to these
    “Two Hearts” ACCOMPANYING the Faithful in their LOVING,
    NON-rigid relationship with Jesus and Mary . . and the
    Saints ?

    Ten years ago Pope Francis made a remarkable statement:
    “It is easier to love Jesus than to LET ourselves BE LOVED
    BY HIM.”

    But . . Francis UNDERMINING the Church today ?? . .
    certainly with his hallmark absence of CLARITY [ touchstone
    of all Church Teaching ] . . his “rigid” ambiguity.

    Is he COERCING us into letting ourselves “BE LOVED”,
    . . by this “NON way”?

    Let’s listen to St.TERESA OF AVILA, Doctor on Prayer:
    [ We must remember that everything goes through the
    mind before it reaches the affections, so that . . ] “Mental
    prayer is nothing other than AN INTIMATE FRIENDSHIP [ which
    presumes a personal ENCOUNTER with Christ first ! ],
    a FREQUENT [ because of that living friendship ] conversation
    with Him, BY WHOM [ the Gospels ! ] we KNOW OURSELVES
    TO BE LOVED . . ”

    Ste. Thérèse’s “definition” is even simpler:

    “For me, prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple
    look turned heavenward, it is cry of recognition
    —CCC: Part IV On Christian Prayer ( followed by
    85 pages more. )

    1. “We too have the cult of Man” Paul VI told the UN assembly. He “Council” was nothin more than the authorities turning over all the offices and institutions of the Church to the service of the purposes of the World, and whoever is friend of the World is at enmity with God. The quote from St. Hilary of Poitiers says it well. And you are right to say that all the post-V2 popes have been part of the problem. They have all participated in false worship services , intending to do so as a model for Catholic behavior, which all popes ever condemned. The Church cannot be the drudge of the World & partner in its idolatries & adulteries. “As for me & my house, we will serve the LORD”, and not the designs and delusions of the false prelates. Bishop Schneider is treading the path of Viganò, though he isn’t quite as far along yet.

    2. Correction: ” . . far-and-away CANCEL all sources of
      fear and cowardice bred by the World.”


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