SATURDAY UPDATE: Cardinal Muller ‘s Latest, Plus The Fatima LiveStream, and Pope St Pius X

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Pope St Pius X

Livestream (8:30am CST)

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4 thoughts on “SATURDAY UPDATE: Cardinal Muller ‘s Latest, Plus The Fatima LiveStream, and Pope St Pius X

  1. Second day reflection: I don’t know, Anthony, but
    isn’t Cardinal Müller dealing with —re. Cardinal
    Duka’s dubia —a “rugged individualism” . . .
    spawned by the now-perfected digital technology?

    I mean, now anyone and everyone can make
    public their OWN “take” on a given issue, whereas,
    in the days of BEFORE-INTERNET, theological &
    moral questions [ differing from Church Teaching ]
    went directly to the local Ordinary or to Rome for
    clarification and resolution.

    But now —with instant AND “fracing” communication
    [ to use a term from mining ] —who, practically, is
    there to put moral and theological differences to
    rest . . after clarifying and resolving?

    Thank God that Cardinal Müller took on Cardinal
    Duka’s “dubia”, put it through the highly fine-tuned
    vetting of Catholic Church Teaching, leaving
    Cardinal Duka with a clear option: one does
    not have to assent to teachings that go against
    the Doctrine of the Faith . . which Francis sees
    as “rigid” [ frozen dead ] yet overlays every
    perception with ambiguity, i.e. HIS “open-ended”
    opinions, except the one affirming the Amoris
    Laetitia interpretation [ by the Buenos Aires
    hierarchy ] the ONLY and correct interpretation.

  2. Thank you, Anthony !

    @1:38 “ . . not lose their Charity”. I have found
    that this indispensable virtue stays alive AND is
    protected ESPECIALLY by daily praying the

    Take it from Prairie Grandpa Bob, who “was BORN
    to” argue, and habitually call into question, with a
    built-in bad temper, an unhappy character trait,
    Inherited from Mom during Hitler days [ 1944 ff. ]

    My Spiritual Director of 42 years ago [ 1971 ]
    nailed it with his observation, “Bob, when you’re
    happy don’t looking for reasons to be UN-

    Currently, it is our GRAND CHILDREN [ aged
    four months to seven years (the eldest preparing
    for first Confession & Holy Communion as we
    speak) ] who have been the REAL anti-dote to
    Grandpa’s habitual “head-tripping” and mistrust.

    Little kids have no “script”. On is instantly dis-
    armed by their spontaneous joyful excitement,
    their squabbling, and their tears . . a critical
    “lesson” for Grandpa [ and every aware adult ],
    who are NO different in the sight of God their Father,
    WHO ALWAYS awaits —and LOOKS FOR —the
    returns of His straying “little nose-pickers.

    So, for this aging “geezer”, praying the Rosary
    daily definitely “waters” Charity, which he
    INHERITED at his Baptism, and can “practise”
    23/7, according to graces received and
    responded tol

    The Rosary, prayed every day, and Charity
    are inseparable; omit the first and the second
    very quickly disappears with the day’s sun-
    set . . like “Marlborough Man” and his

    1. P.S.

      Conclude with: “The rosary prayed daily and
      Charity are inseparable. Omit the first and
      the second very quickly disappears, like
      Marlborough Man riding off into the sunset
      in a cloud of cigarette smoke.


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