Saturday: Francis Appoints Blatant Heretic

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Two videos today, as has become the norm for a Saturday. The educational video is below.

Francis Appoints Open Heretic




Candlemas and the Purification of the Church | Archbishop Lefebvre



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2 thoughts on “Saturday: Francis Appoints Blatant Heretic

  1. Instead of being “curiouser and curiouser” ABOUT the three
    Days of Darkness —now virtually guaranteed —, Catholics
    at least ought maintain THEIR PERSONAL Sacramental state
    of supernatural grace of Soul —of interior Light and Life —
    THREE DAYS of darkness notwithstanding.

    1. The previous comment was meant for the “Three Days of Darkness”
      podcast. Anyway . . to. the current one:

      Wilmer?? . . he’s just a “kid” !! . . to young to be ABLE to absorb
      the CHURCH’S Teachings in a “hi-end” Hierarchical formation for
      prospective Bishops. Wilmer? . . a contemporary St. Thomas
      Acquinas?? . . only in reverse?? How laughable! . . the “Cisco
      . . er, uh . . Synod Kid” . . youth culture gone coo-coo-clock nuts!!

      Wilmer?? “. . abuse of power in the DNA of the Church . . ” This
      has got to be THE dissolution of the INERRANCY of 1/ Teachings
      of Christ 2/ of Scripture 3/ of Church Dogmas proclaimed “from
      the Chair”.

      Wilmer flings open the door to unhampered Pelagianism . . make
      it up as you go, with the unholy spirit of Baphomet.

      You had better FAST! No more “planes, trains, and automobiles”.
      Bread and water. No more of the non-fast-food cuisine that goes
      with the lifestyle of latter-day sugar-addicted, perfumed

      And, while you’re IN fast [ NOT speedy ] mode . .

      . . drop in and RE-visit your Crucified and Risen “Boss” . . if such
      Eucharistic Sanctuaries and Chapels still exist.


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