Saturday Extra: Saving Your Soul In This Demonic World: Going Deeper Into Mental Prayer (w/Br Andre Marie)

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A few days ago I was interviewed by Br Andre Marie of the Crusade Channel for his radio show, and we discussed mental prayer and the difficulties in pursuing sanctity in our modern world. Check it out in the embedded player below or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, or any major Podcasting platform.


When The Popes Surrendered The Church To The World Return To Tradition

The papal tiara wasn't just an ornament the pope wore. It held powerful symbolism for the role of the papacy in the world. RtT's official Sponsor: Sources: Contact Me: Email: Support My Work: Patreon SubscribeStar Physical Mail: Anthony Stine PO Box 3048 Shawnee, OK 74802 Follow me on the following social media: Back Up +JMJ+ — Support this podcast:
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Plus normal Saturday video:

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  1. William

    Anthony, Scruton was Anglican and struck me as a Calvinist when I heard him speak at a Catholic gathering in NYC. I can see why you think this as he is so highly considered in conservative circles. To be frank my wife and I found him anti Catholic and obnoxiously so. All best, William.


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