Saturday extra: Cardinal Oullet, & The Blessed Virgin Mary

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Cardinal Oullet was given a pass by Francis after only a couple of days work by ‘an independent investigator’ that he appointed to look into the case.




Cardinal Muller’s speech:




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2 thoughts on “Saturday extra: Cardinal Oullet, & The Blessed Virgin Mary

  1. Anthony, why do I “feel” so outmoded and BEYOND old-fashioned when my immediate observation —half way through this podcast —is (a question): do ANY of these higher-ups in the Church spend an hour before the Blessed Sacrament, or even go to Confession on a regular basis ?? And if any them (unnamed) do, the BEHAVIOUR ( whether in public or private) of even one tarnishes the expectation and genuine hope of the Lay Faithful . . who are now hit with endless scandals.

    A seemingly endless REPEAT of such Baptismal-innocence-destroying behaviour from the, by now, rusting “Hinges” (Cardinals) —they’re supposed to be Church’s LIVING Christian models in Faith and Morals —reveals dilapidated “Doors (Open to the Christ-Life)” in a state of collapse. Talk about “Door crashing”! A weak Cardinal (Bishop) now leaving formerly protected “Sacred Spaces” open to ANY winds that blow in from a Christ-less, unredeemed, “human” World.

    But, yes, Catholic idealists can certainly be naive about the ways AND reach of the World. However, there’s nothing in a faithful and REGULAR study of the Deposit of Faith (the Catechism), Eucharistic Adoration, Confession, and Mass (ad orientem) can’t “fix” . . along with “prayer, penance, and alms-giving”, the Church’s perennial remedy for corruption . . with NO CAMERAS on one’s penitential life
    but only the Father, who even “sees in secret”.

    1. POSTSCRIPT: the Sacrament of Confession is placed before us. There is not much more compelling  —other than the Church’s guidelines, the Commandments, the theological and cardinal virtues — than Sr. Lucia’s self-assessment for preparing for one’s own good Confession.

      – Resentments which do not allow me to forget the defects of others.
      – Faults against charity which these resentments lead me to.
      – Egoism which leads me so many times to choose the best for myself.
      – Self love which leads me to have my view prevail.
      – Excessive propensity to be grieved with trifles.
      – To remain quiet many times in order not to have my opinion
      rejected with people who I know beforehand have to win the
      argument, even without good reason.
      – Lack of respect and disdain for those who contradict me.
      – Sadness and weariness produced by wounded self love.
      – Consenting to complaints of self love.
      – Concentrating on the faults of others without seeing my own.
      – Curt replies to the Sisters.
      – Not valuing the work of others.
      – In my eyes I think my work better than others.
      – To want others to esteem my work.
      – Resistance to grace.
      – Distractions which diminish insights of faith and touches of grace.
      – Curiosities.
      – Useless words in moments of silence.
      – Uncharitable thoughts and words.
      – Omissions of charity.
      – Carelessness in the practice of small sacrifices.
      – Lack of patience in unforeseen events.
      – Lack of an ability with others.
      – Lack of respect for the opinion of others.
      – Not valuing the others’ opinions.
      – The difficulty in allowing others’ opinions prevail.
      – Allowing myself on many occasions to be very happy or very sad.
      – Not being punctual enough.
      – Not taking correction willingly.
      – Unwillingly to assume my own feelings.
      – Being rude to those who displease me.
      – Failing of devotion in my spiritual duties and visits to the Blessed
      – Failing to be diligent in obedience.
      – Failing to be pleasant with others.
      – Failing to use ejaculatory prayers during the day to maintain my
      union with God.
      – Failing to visit the Blessed Sacrament in my free time.

      During these 40 days of Lent, we are called to take a good look at ourselves and work on those areas that are obstacles to charity, mercy and growth in holiness. Sister Lucia shows us that we need to dig deep in our self-examination.

      [Source: World Apostolate of Fatima]


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