Satanic Catechism Changes

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Is anyone surprised by this? Just stick with a preconciliar catechism.





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3 thoughts on “Satanic Catechism Changes

  1. Dear Anthony,
    You are 100% with your Holy Spirit given Awareness of His Truth .

    The True beauty of Christ and Infinite Love of The Holy Trinity IS His perfection . His invitation, from the source of creation , from the moment of our creation (Jeremiah) , has been “ Come follow me”.

    This is the CRUX , it is simple , it is reductionist ( to the individual ) , and it’s fundamentalist ( expanded upon by the Catechism ) . It IS , “The Imitation of Christ” , Thomas Kempis .

    Bishops,as all of us, are fallen men . Very sad, these “old men” conduct themselves as the “young man”, and ask “What shall I do” , and then they become sad. They turn away as the two edged sword cuts deep – many are unable to give up everything and follow ( it requires them as an individual to reject the temptations of evil as demands the belief “ I am a homosexual “ ) . Yet, these Pharacies prefer to squalor within their white washed tombs of the human body and impose their “law” upon His Church . Their false beliefs , as when spoken, reveals the state of their souls to be heretical. Their self absorption becomes their psychological defense mechanism to create their self made crux to justify moral relativism as might cleanse their guilt. They see themselves as “victim” and desire to cover like minded lambs with their “unblemished” blood. They do not accept His Blood as an eternal one time gift. The prefer to rely on “his”power – the temptation “you can be god” , to distribute their leavened bread as nourishment to the flock. What they unleash on earth , as unleashed in heaven , is spiritual warfare – a battle for the salvation of all souls by His Truth , His Cross, and accomplished by His Blood ( infinite Mercy and infinite Love joined to infinite Justice )

    These Bishops,by extension, fail in their vows and consecrations as shepherds. They chase after their vain self love and chosen pleasures of the flesh; they join the party in Sodom while the flock looks towards Lot who separates himself from the chaos and embarks to climb Jacob’s ladder ( we all pray for those we leave behind as we make our way on His journey)

    The Bishops, remaining behind, entertain themselves with fallen angels . Their darkened minds, resistant to the illuminations of The Holy Spirit , preferring to impose their self love, pride , and ego on the other .

    Sheep , as from all eternity , remain with the choice of conscience . Their challenge , the times demand an auditory vocalization to others, a declaration of whom they choose to follow . Christ , by the imitation of Kempis OR fallen men who dress up as Bishop’s wearing the dark under garments of wolves .

    Evangelicals for centuries have cried “wolf”.
    Very sad , Traditionalists, at their core are evangelicals, dismissed by their vicars. BUT, the True Magesterium will prevail . Christ has already won us the battle .

    Blessings , Raphael

  2. Surprised by this story? No . . just “deflated” that
    the “Eldest Daughter of the Church” should clamber
    onto the same Modernist “band wagon”, though that
    wagon has been UN-hitched to truck, train, or horse
    to give it safe direction . . the Driver told to take a
    hike !

    A collective “going MY way”, like the green-horn
    kid “ready” for the excitement of roaming the
    highways and bi-ways away from Home . . .
    incapable of a “Mature Friendship” and the
    “tenderness and mercy” which comes with it.

    “Mothers also teach and CORRECT wayward children”.
    Yeah, but . . sorry Mom. See ya . . whenever.

    ” . . SOCIETY’S (forever) changing attitudes”. The
    cart/ wagon before the horse; horsie left unattended.
    Driver taking “a hike”.

    Once departures from the Sacred Deposit of the
    Faith become habituated, look down and there’s
    quicksand coming up to greet your breathing

    Euphemisms like “pastoral care”, or grossly mis-
    identified namings like “lift the taboo on” just don’t
    “cut it”. Any Modernist worth his insipid salt can
    mouth that kind of verbal veneer, in the interests
    of shrill, parakeet-like repetition. Parakeets and
    apes are simply incapable of human thought,
    let alone applying human words to the Truths
    of the Faith.

    That “thorn in the side” IS “the prick of conscience”,
    of a conscience still alive, not dead . . yet. [ The
    Divine Mercy knows no bounds to save ].

    How eloquent, “silver tongued”, and lucid is
    Benedict XVI’s “measure of TRUE humanism:
    the SON OF GOD, the TRUE MAN “!!

    A novelty ?? . . how’s possible !

    Thank you! . . and Blessings for posting,

  3. Diabolical Disorientation, period. Does anyone still wonder why the 3rd Secret of Fatima has been kept under wraps to this day and, as JP2 shockingly said, which I find in direct opposition to the faith, that it will more than likely never happen. In other words, CASE CLOSED. The Church is in Eclipse and very few Catholics seem to understand the seriousness of our current state. Who will deliver us from our sins if we continue to disobey God and His Commandments?


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