Radicals Continue To Smear Trads As The Synod Draws Near

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They’re even dragging Cardinal Burke’s name through the mud again.






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One thought on “Radicals Continue To Smear Trads As The Synod Draws Near

  1. Belief in and practise [ Adoration ] before the Blessed
    Sacrament simply do not seem to “ground” the
    National Reporter school of thought. How can I tell?

    Their fallacious logic.

    (@7:32) Trying to destroy the Church? . . Francis??
    Naw. CAN’T BE !

    Yet Prairie Grandpa continues to connect two “dots”
    which confirm the path of destruction: 1/ the man
    himself. 2/ a forewarning from [ many sources, but ]
    in particular from 1989:

    ” . . the task of ECCLESIASTICAL Freemasonry is
    to destroy Christ and His Church, setting up an idol,
    building a FALSE christ and a FALSE Church. [ Marian
    Movement of Priests: To the Priests, Our Lady’s
    Beloved Sons, 1989, #406g, “The Beast With Two
    Horns, like a lamb”.

    (@9:19 ff ” . . welcomes those who struggel with
    the Doctrine”. The Church HAS ALWAYS welcomed
    “those who struggle with the Doctrine” PROVIDED
    they didn’t attampt to TOSS OUT [ in frustration or
    contempt ] the Doctrine, but continued to STRIVE
    for an understanding —through Grace! — and
    acceptance of its Truth to LIVE BY.

    As a life-long Catholic, who has “hung on” through
    the Church’s “roller-coaster” ride since 1958, Prairie
    Grandpa here CAN’T FATHOM the Modernist
    ANTIPATHY towards the Church’s authority and
    teachings. Morals can’t fall without THE FAITH also
    pretty well being wiped out.

    “And when all the laws of the land —and England
    is thick with them —have been razed to the ground,
    and suddenly you’re facing Satan himself, NOW
    how will you defend yourself, Roper ?”  —Sir Thomas
    More to future son-in-law, “A Man For All Seasons”.

    Today’s materialist “loose-lips”, motor-mouth life
    style is too comfortable. Soft.

    May God raise up again —and He IS! —real Men
    and real Women, Champions of the Faith, of the
    Church, of Jesus Christ and His Queen Mother
    . . and St. Joseph, Protector of Holy Mother


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