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The priest had to remain anonymous for what I hope are pretty obvious reasons for everyone.




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8 thoughts on “Priest Rallies The Faithful: RESIST FRANCIS’ TYRANNICAL CRUEL MERCY

  1. As a parishioner of St. John the Baptist, the parish mentioned in the letter, I feel that our pastor has been wronged by this anonymous screed. As Mr. Taraba has quite rightly pointed out, our church hall is converted by the men and altar boys of our parish into a chapel every time Mass is to be said. We have an altar, statues, holy water fonts, kneelers, and so forth donated or purchased for such an emergency. Our pastor has not neglected us; he stands with us and we support him. I cannot pretend to know the machinations of the diocese or the bishop’s response to Rome. I only know that the bishop has built up a sizable Latin Mass community throughout the diocese and that many strictly Novus Ordus parishes in the diocese are dead set against this treasured rite. Our Latin mass community at St. John’s consists of people from all races and language backgrounds from three different states. While I don’t have a headcount, the hall holds about 300 people and the hall is full at our Mass. Calling the devotion to the Mass of the Ages “idol worship” while advocating for action short of riots at the Cathedral to preserve the same rite is bizarre. Perhaps this anonymous “priest” (if indeed he is a priest and not a pretender) should identify himself before calling others cowardly. If courage is required, where is his courage in hiding behind a curtain of anonymity? What are his fears in taking a “masculine” stand? Loss of a parish? Loss of an appointment? Loss of a future position? Loss of influence or friends? Fear of having the spotlight turned on him? Would that not make this statement a tad hypocritical? It is easy to hide behind anonymity and launch grenades at others. I do not fault either Mr. Stine or Lifesite News for raising this issue but I think anonymous criticisms are less than helpful. On a side note, the article’s is an interesting choice since I don’t see any rallying of the faithful amidst the insults and criticism. I pray for us all trying to navigate this madness, including the faceless critic.

    1. Thanks for detailing your concerns. Plenty of related
      issues here. Just to focus on one or two: 1/ “Novus Ordo
      parishes in the diocese are DEAD SET against this treasured
      rite.” Difficult for this prairie Grandpa to identify with. Is the
      “animosity” THAT? 2/ Did you notice Mr. Stine’s sentence
      BEFORE beginning his video? “The priest HAD to remain
      anonymous for what I hope are pretty OBVIOUS REASONS
      FOR EVERYONE” 3/ Why are you railing against this
      Priest? He’s NOT against the TLM Parishes.

  2. There is a reason for everything deliberate the Church does. She has the two books of the Machabees. They are stories of laity making right. The thin Bibles of non-Catholics do not have them. Jews did not consider them sacred. Yet, nothing superfluous in Scripture.

    …there came a certain Jew in the sight of all to sacrifice to the idols upon the altar in the city of Modin, according to the king’s commandment. And Mathathias saw and was grieved, and his reins trembled, and his wrath was kindled according to the judgment of the law, and running upon him he slew him upon the altar: Moreover the man whom king Antiochus had sent, who compelled them to sacrifice, he slew at the same time, and pulled down the altar.

  3. You don’t know what you are talking about. why did you go forward with this report without contacting the pastor or parishioners first to find out more about what is going on….The basement happens to be the church hall and it has a stage with steps leading up to it where the altar is placed. a lot of work and donations went into putting a sanctuary, sacristy, altar, altar cloths, statues of Mary and Joseph were donated to make it work for now. What else would you have us do? The bishop can laicize the priest and shut down the whole parish. Is that what you would rather see?

    1. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about”. Of course he doesn’t !
      Fortunately, your Parish hall has been built for a relatively easy
      make-over worthy of TLM setting. But not so for others forced
      to move.

      But you WERE forced TO MOVE the TLM, no? . . your Pastor
      being obedient to Francis & Card. Roche. The point being . .

      Mr. Taraba, you are speaking from “the PARTICULAR”. But Mr. Stine’s
      “job description” is to stay abreast of the over-all GENERAL picture,
      the National/ Global picture, changes and diktats emerging from the
      Vatican, and how they affect ALL particular TLM Parishes. He can’t sleuth
      his way to every single TLM Parish forced “underground”, or half-under
      (basements). His job is to identify Vatican moves coming “down the
      pipe” which warrant appropriate “RedFlags” and a warning for the

      But Frankie’s movies are classical Marxist moves; a dead give-away
      for those of us familiar with “The Devil and Karl Marx”, or (more
      recently) “The Devil and Bella Dodd”.

      Pope Francis’s moves are incremental . . one step forward (DEVIATING)
      from the “Rigid” Sacred Deposit of the Faith; then two steps back . .
      into the safety (and perfect cover) of Christ and His Church and Tradition.

      The over-all trajectory of the nine/ ten years of this Pontificate is to
      “destroy Christ and His Church, to create an idol, a FALSE christ and
      a FALSE church” —To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons, #406g,
      1989, “The Beast Like A Lamb”.

      Edwin, what will your Pastor do if, and when, Francis (Card. Roche &
      collaborators) SUCCEEDS in totally cancelling the Traditional Latin
      Mass? [ . . which is a serious ABUSE of Papal Authority! ] of continue
      on in FALSE obedience to this Pope?

      Better take a cue from Bishop Schneider; catechize yourself with his full
      explanation of the Mass of the Ages ( get a copy of : The Catholic Mass:
      Steps to Restore the Centrality of GOD in the Liturgy, 2021, Sophia Institute,, Kindle: @CDN $10.00).

      Frankie’s “humanity of Christ” is neither Sacred nor FULLY Human.
      At the end of the day it’s a caricature.

  4. Very recently, in our “patch” of the Prairies, a 16-year-old shot
    and killed two police officers who were called to check out
    troubles at that boy’s home. The Dad —WHILE this tragedy
    was occuring —REMAINED in his Lay-Z boy, watching TV.

    Our local flags were STILL flying at half-mast yesterday, more
    than two weeks after the event. Today only one flew at half in
    our neighbourhood.

    This ONE (there are many I’m sure) tragic drama from the
    CIVIL aspect, is meant to compare with Ecclesial injustices
    emerging from the Vatican itself, the “big slide” into corruption
    and lies, from the former NORMAL practise and maintainence
    of Just Government as a rule . . 60 years ago?

    Kick God and His Decalogue “to the curb”, and . . do we
    take notice ? . . is anyone surprised ? Does anyone know
    WHY the “funny” turn of events? [ One source for sure
    unpacks the historical reasons: The Devil And Bella Dodd,
    by Mary A. Nicholas, MD, & Paul Kengor, PhD, TAN
    Books, 2022; books $9.99 ]

    Regarding this Priest’s letter, Anthony, to me they are the
    ECHO of the words, Wisdom, and “better-late-than-never”
    tongue-lashings of a St. Athanasius (to the Arians), of
    Hildebrand/ Pope Gregory XVI (to Church enemies then),
    or of a St. Pius X (to Tyrell, Loisy, and the Modernists).

    “If there were three CONFESSORS like you in all of France,
    I would be out of business” . . so said Satan to the Curé of Ars,
    St.John Vianney, after delivering many beatings to that
    HOLY Confessor). Brother St.André Bessette, of Montréal,
    Québec, got the same brutal treatment from the Devil. That
    unlettered little Holy Cross Brother had a deep Devotion to
    St. Joseph, but equally to the Passion and Crucifixion of
    Our Lord, and would “preach the Gospels” in the kitchens
    of families in Montreal after “work hours”. Lay volunteers
    were Brother André’s “wheels”.

    HOWEVER, today’s Laity C A N ‘ T deliver the kind of
    just anger [ as in the Priest’s letter, AND as in the severe
    rebukes by Brother André against the increasingly
    IMMODEST dress and fashions of women during the
    ’20s and ’30s.] needed to “scourge” Francis’ attempt
    to cancel the Apostolic Mass of the Ages. [ Note: only
    God knows what all motivates Pope Francis.]

    And why not? . . because the majority of Catholic
    Laymen and Laywomen remain “dough-heads”; their
    ignorances are rendered even MORE “marshmallowy”
    by their living —not the Sacramental Life of the
    Church — the SECULAR Culture’s ” good life “.

    This Priest’s true LENTEN Homily has arrived just
    in time for this year’s Passion Week!

    Let us take . . heed . . advantage . . plain bread &
    water . . no pizza . . absolution from a sincere Confession

  5. Hi Anthony, I recently posted a comment on your youtube page which appears to have been deleted (it’s OK if it was, since I allowed for that possibility at your option within the comment itself), but I’ve noticed that a number of my comments (one specifically about Fr. Dollinger and his account of his exchanges with Cardinal Ratzinger regarding the third secret of Fatima) that seems to have been deleted/ignored as well. In fact, there may have been a few more comments that similarly received no response, and I’m just trying to make sure that you’re getting them, and if so, why you appear to be ignoring them. If it’s just that you’re too busy, that’s of course understandable. If there is something in my posts that is violating the terms of service, or certain boundaries that you are trying to confine comments on your channel to for reasons that may not always be immediately evident, please let me know, so that I can comply with them in any future comments I may make. I understand that my most recent post was(at least indirectly) about my music, and if that’s inappropriate, I apologize. But I really was interested in making sure that I understand whatever your general guidelines may be for posting comments on your channel(s) so that I can comply with them in the future. Thanks, and God bless.

  6. Yes, we the laity must resist and resist some of us do on a daily basis. Yet, in my view when John 23rd opened the sacred Church doors to the world, what and who came in and who have never left, but are now in control of the clergy and the world which, as Catholics, we know, have taken over. It was done slowly and deliberately with cunningly strange and anti-Catholic participation of the clergy, the laity and, yes, the pontiffs. We are now in a dire situation where the Church is no longer the beacon of Christ’s reign because His Church has been taken over by these malevolent forces of sheer evil. I have to say, as we have heard many times, that Catholic Rome is now seen as “effeminate Rome. Think about that and you will understand that this is the root of the sickening reality of our time. In the face of this overwhelming evil, I must say w/no fear that our only remaining hope open to is staring us in the face on a daily basis. She is Our Lady of Fatima and her mandate that she will crush the head of Satan. How cleverly have the alien forces of evil in the Church and the world managed through many years and many ways of deceiving us by “pushing” her into the basement of our lives and replacing her w/all kinds of false apparitions and cults that titulate our curiosity so that we remain alienated and in the dark regarding the fact that the Consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart has never, yes, never been done. No pope has ever successfully done it as she mandated it be done. What could be more evil then to be so disobedient and cruel for so long a time?
    So before making the laity the main adversary of fighting evil in the Church and in the world, take note of this fact. If we choose to resist we must first understand who and what we are resisting and when we understand who/what are our adversaries, then we can resist in our parishes. Be prepared to suffer because suffering, as Our Blessed Lord suffered willingly, is going to be our challenge. Who will lead that truth? When abortion became legalized and women entered the workforce and left their children to strangers, it began in earnest. We’ve sacrificed them to Moloch and now we are paying the price. Please let us use this time of Passion week to examine ourselves and present ourselves to Our Lord in the receiving of the Sacrament of Penance before we begin our journey back to Him in reparation for our many sins. This time we need to do this w/humility and a firm commitment of contrition to change our ways.


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