Pope Francis Unveils Partnership With The Beast

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As the world leaders get ready to impose a Great Reset on our lives, Francis unveils his Guardians of Inclusive Capitalism Program, which is central to this plot. Plus, Bishop Schneider has a related message about the moral licitness of using a vaccine made from aborted babies.

Bishop Schneider audio:

Bishop Schneider video:


Pope Francis Audio:

Pope Francis Video: (2:30am CST)





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2 thoughts on “Pope Francis Unveils Partnership With The Beast

  1. “Pope Francis Unveils Partnership With The Beast” Now the Church and the Beast can be one–the ultimately vision of Vatican II realized.

    Bishop Schneider comments were not helpful considered the current state of affairs in the Church. They were anodyne and not appropriate to the devilish turn take by the Church since Bergoglio.

    We are at war with the forces of evil who have secured the leadership the Church. We should listen to Vigano, not Schneider. Vigano says that the situation is so bad that only divine intervention will correct it. I agree 100%.


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