Pope Francis Supports James Martin’s Evil Programs

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Francis wrote a letter to Pastor Jimmy Martin of the Jesuit Church and had it published on the Vatican’s website, and it expressed in no uncertain terms his support for the sodoheretic priest’s programs.


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One thought on “Pope Francis Supports James Martin’s Evil Programs

  1. Yes he is doing things that weakens the church spiritually. He does not speak on Repentance, Confession etc which is so important to save souls.

    Some Catholics are now saying he is the false prophet of the book of Revelation.
    He is strongly supporting the abortion tainted vaccine and as per prophecy will, going forward, be supporting the one world government and one world religion in conjuctionwith the antichrist. .

    The Pentagon has just given the first piece of alien disclosure and later these aliens( fallen angels,demons) will be introduced to mankind saying they are our friends. False as they are fallen angels and come in the guise of friends to kill, steal, destroy !

    St Malachy has given the list of Popes and the last Pope is Pope Peter OR Peter the Roman OR PETRUS Romanus. As Francis totally departs from the church denying Jesus saying the alien life in different galaxies shows that there is only one God then Pope Peter leads the remnant Catholics in the true teachings till the city of seven hills are destroyed.

    This Pope is a hybrid like Obama etc. Reptilian fallen angels are Bill Gstes, Fauci, Boris Johnson etc. Tough understand this but I got it !

    Queen and Mother of the Last Times
    Snatch me out of the clutches of Evil.


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