Pope Francis Say’s I’m Not Catholic

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And the same goes for many of you, too.






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2 thoughts on “Pope Francis Say’s I’m Not Catholic

  1. Neither FSSP or the SSPX are too associated with the papacy. After all, Jesus said to Peter what he said about building the church on Peter. Fr. Altman recognizes this as do all real Catholics. What we need to do is to depose the pope for heresy, and very soon, so we can get on with saving and sanctifying souls.In this process we need also to clarify some things which came ambiguously out of Vatican II. The church needs to be cleaned up and out, as well.

  2. My thoughts are the same as your thoughts Anthony. All of us know that Vatican II is bad and should be abrogated and that Francis is a bad Pope and should be replaced. Nothing new.

    What we need from you and other traditional Catholic thought leaders is direction. The Novus Order Catholic Church is a burned out house. It is uninhabitable. Where do we go Anthony? Both FSSP and SSPX are too associated with Vatican II and the Papacy. We need a new underground Church led by someone like Archbishop Vigano and with priests like Fr. Altman.

    Please tell us the way forward Anthony or at least reach for it.


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