Podcast: Your Guide To Modernist Vocabulary, Part 1

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One of my favorite things about Modernism is ambiguity. Part of ambiguity, which Archbishop Vigano rightly called ‘weaponized,’ is that ambiguity provides a great deal of flexibility to those who use it. In terms of vocabulary it can be damning in that ambiguous language can be used to mean anything.  To that end, I present part 1 in an intermittent series on the use of terms we’ve all heard used by the Modernists but have almost never been defined by them. So I define them for you, both in what I think they mean and what they really mean. If you want sources you can easily find them.

Fun fact: The awkwardly phrased ‘they say’ statements come from very high profile figures in the Church. They are direct quotes. Pop short versions of them into Google with quote marks around the ends of them and you’ll figure out whom I am referring to. That’s have the fun of this, after all.

To be honest, after the heavy videos I did last week I thought some levity might be in order. Enjoy.



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