PODCAST: Statistics Illustrate The Divide In The Catholic Church

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Obviously there is a Great Divide among the faithful in the Church. The statistics are scary. How we got here is important.

Weaponized ambiguity is real. We see it in the documents of the Second Vatican Council, we see it in the documents promulgated by the Church today. That ambiguity has had catastrophic consequences for everyone in the Church.



https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4gieXJu2IQ&t=21s



New Survey Shows Disparity of Beliefs Between Latin Mass, Novus Ordo Catholics

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4 thoughts on “PODCAST: Statistics Illustrate The Divide In The Catholic Church

  1. In 2005, I noticed that the words of consecration over the cup in the new mass were erroneous (the priest was claiming that Jesus said his blood of the new covenant was being shed for “all” even though Matthew 26v28 says it was for “many” and Daniel 9v27 says the covenant was with “many”). I kept attending the new mass; but because of the error, I started to only take communion when I could make it to a Latin mass. Then, on November 27, 2011, I witnessed the erroneous words of consecration suddenly being corrected in the English mass. Then, in 2013, I heard a catholic explain that the “2300 evenings and mornings” of Daniel 8v14 represented the 2300 evening and morning sacrifices, which were taken away by Antiochus Epiphanes, over an 1150 day period from 168 to 165 BC. This gave me the idea to count how many holy days of obligation there were between the day the new altar was set up (November 28, 1971) and the day that the erroneous words of consecration were corrected (November 27, 2011). Between those two dates, I found 2086 Sundays, 35 feasts of the immaculate conception (not falling on a Sunday), 35 feasts of the nativity, 35 feasts of the octave, 40 ascension Thursdays, 34 feasts of the assumption, and 35 feasts of all saints. Then, I added up the seven numbers: 2086 + 35 + 35 + 35 + 40 + 34 + 35 = 2300. Then, I fell out of my chair.

    1. That’s really spooky. It reminds me of a question I’ve had from the Book of Daniel actually: the Tower of Babel. The EU parliament building is modeled after it. If you read the account in Daniel of that whole mess and if you’re paying attention to the mess in Europe it starts to sound spooky in that similar way. I noticed that years ago before I moved to where I am now in my views on a lot of things. I almost wonder if Daniel is meant to be both a historical lesson and a warning of history repeating itself.

  2. I remember that version of the Gloria, too. Right now, after hearing this, I just feel sick. It’s no wonder my kids don’t recognize the Mass.

    1. Sir your comments and facts about the disunity and heretical modernism in the Vatican 2 church, religion means does it not that it is not the Catholic church established by Christ. Thus and therefore Catholics have not choice but denounce it,,that is the hierarchy which runs and has usurped the physical institution. and must stop attending and supporting it financially. Even the Latin mass parishes accept the novus ordo sacraments which at best are dubious and therefore to be avoided just like orthodox which have even a better claim to validity.


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