Podcast Show Notes: Who Are The Bishops To Trust?

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It’s not a rhetorical question. We need shepherds. We need to be able to trust them. It’s the system Our Lord set up when he built His Church on the rock of Peter.  But unfortunately there are precious few of the Bishops worthy of our trust, with few Catholics who bother to pay attention to the crisis in the Church trusting any of them. So what are we as the laity to do?

Thankfully the good folks at Complicit Clergy provide an answer of sorts. A survey was published showing the trust and orthodoxy levels of every Bishop and Cardinal in the US. No, it doesn’t show who to trust but based on crimes and allegations made against them, but it does show trust and orthodoxy levels based on the perceptions of those who live in their dioceses. Obviously those who submitted survey answers are those who are paying attention, so the answers might be skewed, since I have my doubts that people who think things are fine in the Church and that Francis is some kind of angelic luminous pope are reading sites like Complicit Clergy. But still, it is useful.



Bishop Trust Survey Results

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