Podcast: Another Diocese Reveals Abuse Allegations

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We should get used to this. Many dioceses around the US have launched their own internal investigations about past abuses and the cover up of bad priests and their predatory behavior. But this is worth paying attention to beyond the salacious details because the response by the Bishops and how they choose to address the issues are very revealing. It’s a sad state of things when the response does not get to the heart of the problem, and I don’t mean only sexually immoral men in the priesthood.

There is something that underlies even that problem. It’s the problem that enabled sexual deviants to be admitted to the episcopate in the first place. It’s the problem that enabled women like Bella Dodd and Marie Carre to place literal communist subversives in the priesthood before the 1950s, many of whom were elevated to very high positions in the Church. And that problem needs to be addressed.






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