Podcast: An Update On The Notre Dame Fire

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Corrections must be made from time to time. Better to be upfront about an error than to bury it near the want-ads like the New York Times and Washington Post often do.

The key thing to remember: the official story is nonsense on stilts. Don’t believe it. It’s far too fishy of a story to be believed, given the facts as we know them. Keep paying attention to the story. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear about it.


https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=-XHu8vFgNrQ&feature=youtu.be

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2 thoughts on “Podcast: An Update On The Notre Dame Fire

  1. I also find it impossible to believe that it was an accident. France was the first Catholic Kingdom and remained so until His Christian Majesty King Louis XVI was executed by the French Revolution and the State was joined with the Church. There are so many prophesies about France and so many approved apparitions of Our Lady with messages to mankind in France. The country has never been consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus as He asked through St. Margaret Mary … and that was even referred to in the message of Fatima.

  2. I have been listening to various reports about this awful fire, a few mainstream, numerous podcasts and YouTube videos. Even some more mainstream sources seem doubtful about the “official version” of what happened. All of the YouTube videos and lesser known magazine articles I receive by email sound like they have tossed about 95% of the “official facts”. I find it impossible to believe this was an accident of any kind.


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