Guest Submission: Request for Indulgence

By Dr. Bob McCauley, ND

NOTE: Dr. McCauley’s website can be viewed here.

The priest sat behind the wide oak desk speaking on the phone in a manner that suggested reporters had uncovered a scandal and were badgering him with questions concerning it.  An elderly member of the congregation had called to ask about a confidential matter concerning her husband’s death and consequential status.  Could she remarry?  Young couples today were doing it as often as they bathed, so was there any reason why she should be prohibited.

They Knew: The Truth About The Benedict XVI & Cardinal Sarah Controversy

They knew. The authorities in Rome knew all about what caused the controversy. So why are they lying? Ignatius Press will still run the English editions of the book with both authors names on the cover, though that may not be the case in other languages from other publishers overseas.

Cardinal Marx Is Against Preaching About Hell

I mean, it’s just the salvation of souls, right? That’s less important than pushing the agenda of St. Greta of Thunberg.