That’s Blasphemous! October 2019

Revisiting an old series is like visiting an old friend. I hadn’t done one of these since August at least, if not July or earlier. I decided before the Synod started that it would be good to revisit this topic because we all need a laugh and what better thing to laugh at than Modernism?

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Preparing For The Amazon Synod Part 2: Sustainable Development

This video was a brief overview of sustainable development and sustainability and how they influenced the coming Synod and indeed the entire Francis pontificate. The sources listed below are from the numerous courses on the subject I’ve taken on the issue in my doctoral program in public policy. The list isn’t by any means comprehensive.

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The Empress of Nazareth

by John Evans

Through shafts of living beams of gold and Autumnal fire,

I climb the summit of that place to look on the throne of atonement,

Where long the withering of the leaves has ebbed away to solid stone, freed of moss,

To heights of well-watered earth whose roots in the memory of kings runs deep,

To a pinnacle of jutting quarts hallowed with gushing springs and figures carved in likeness of bird and beast,

To steps ten thousand times   ten thousand before the dais, before the chair of dreams.

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Podcast Show Notes: Cardinal Sarah: We Have Cast Aside God

It’s a big claim, but where’s the lie? What do we hear from our coreligionists and what do we hear from the priests and even the pope today? That to be a good Catholics means being a fighter for social justice and climate change and carbon taxes and the rest of it. There’s so little talk about the need for getting on our knees and praying that it leaves us to wonder what it is most of these people believe in.

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Podcast Show Notes: On Fidelity To The Pope by Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider

Bishop Athansius Schneider and Cardinal Burke released a joint statement on what true loyalty to the papacy entails in times of confusion. The full text is below.

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The Amazon Synod Was Planned Since Day 1: Preparing For The Synod Part 1

We now know for certain that the Synod was planned since the very start of the Francis papacy. What’s more disturbing is that in truth the groundwork was laid as much as half a decade before the pontificate of Francis.

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On The Divine Mercy Devotion

by Anonymous

Disclaimer: The following submission doesn’t necessarily represent the thoughts and opinions of the owner of this blog. They are purely those of the original author.

A lot of Catholics are not aware of the promotion of a devotion from Poland prior to the Helena Kowalski (Sister Faustina) “messages”.

The Mariavites were a group who were excommunicated from the the Catholic Church under Pops Saint Pius X.
In 1893, Feliksa Kozłowska, a Catholic nun, claimed to be receiving messages from Jesus.
She said that he had told her of a great scourge for sins of the priests, but that she should rely on his great mercy.
This false christ of Feliksa Kozłowska, whether a delusion, the devil’s cunning deception, or Communist infiltrator concoction, asked the “little mother” to unload all her sins on him and no confessions was asked for.
“I saw God’s justice aiming at the world to punish it and also his Mercy giving the doomed world it’s last chance of rescue in the veneration of the Most Holy Sacrament and in Mary’s help. After a moment of silence the Lord spoke: “To spread this worship I want to see a congregation of priests under the name of the Mariavites. Their motto is: For the greater glory of God and for the veneration of the Most Holy Virgin Mary. They will be under the protection of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour”
“I give all this work into your hands, you are to be it’s mistress and mother”.
She claims that Jesus helped her chose the priests of the new Mariavite order.
A very bad choice for this supposed “work of great mercy” , devotion allegedly from heaven, was a man who practised satanism with another priest, by the name of John Kowalski.
The little mother defended him and even revealed that she was having visions of him being born of her and related it to the Apocalypse. (The devil could well have done this and the Mariavite sect could well have begun for the devil the onset of the time of antichrist, and false mercy which Jesus Christ never preached)
The Mariavites tried hard to gain approval from Rome.
To the world they were seen as pious, religious group within the Church, who looked after the poor, adored the Blessed Sacrament and prayed and did penance.
However, as the petitioned Rome to ask for permission to found the group, Pope Pius X, shrewd Holy Father as he was, smelt a demonic rat, and warned them they could not found the new order of the Mariavites.
They tried going to Rome, and bringing him a gift of an embroidered rug, but still he was not going to approve.
He excommuncated them and issued an encyclical on the sect.
Later he was proved to be guided by the Holy Ghost as the sect became demonically perverted.
They set up John Kowakski (whim they called Saint Michael) as their Bishop and he and priests of the marivites began to have sexual relations with the nuns in their temple of love and mercy. That is what their church now consisted of, love, a perverted kind and forgiveness for all without contrition or confession.
Kowalski taught that sexual relations between them was what God wanted, and that they did not lose their virginity during the act (!)
The result was Mariavite children of the nuns and priests, which they kept in their schools.
Diabolical signs were manifest in the group, as their “nuns” (nones) began to have messages also.
One of them who was partaking in prayer, penances while having these sexual relations, claims she heard a voice telling her that nothing evil can happen while the Blessed Sacrament is venerated.
If it was, a probably was the devil, he revealed how much power God has given to the Blessed Virgin, and this is precisely why all these false devotions and sects take away from Our Lady’s true apparitions and devotions.
Our Lady’s true apparitions, approved by the Church, warns us to keep the Catholic faith, all the false ask for drastic innovations.
The Divine Mercy asked for changing the prayers on the Rosary beads, a false devotion , an all mercy Sunday in which you can have all sins forgiven without payment, (any day in Confessional with a true priest, is a day of mercy already!), asked for Communion in the hand “I desire to be in your hand” after falling on the floor?, asked Faustina to boast that shes the best, told her he would build another world for her if she wanted, when he told the Apostles not to even be of the world, appeared with no wounds of Christ yet they were seen by true saints etc.
Yet, can we even say Faustina wrote the diary, when it was completed not even in her handwriting? Should we acceptt something that has been condemned twice by the Catholic Church? And if JPII raised it again after it was forbidden, was a really because of a “faulty translation” as they would have you believe? No! because they never changed the “faulty translation” except for one ecumenical stickler”today bring me the heretics” became “today bring me the separated brethren”. !
JPII acted AGAINST the Church in promoting it while it stood condemned and he was ordered not to promote it
He also wanted ecumenism with the heretics of Plock, he also exalted a Mariavite who was the little mothers “spiritual adviser” Honorat Kominski, who got somehow back into the Catholic Church yet they still claimed he was one of them and produced letters of support, he also exalted many promoters of the Divine Mercy, not only Faustina, like Michael Sopocko , who was founding nuns for the order of the Divine Mercy, getting paintings done, giving out leaflets about the false Jesus while the Church had not yet approved it.
JPII also used false miracles to promote Faustina as a saint whom miracles worked through.

The Grieving Soul

By  Teresa Baker-Carl  

Smooth as the petals of roses,
soft as a gentle rain;
tender as a baby's breathing,
and quiet as the growing grain,
we become aware of this love He gives
imperceptible as a whispered breeze
curling and swaying around us
cooling the soul which grieves.
Heaven on high is weeping,
even this Lord Who died,
never afraid to enter in to the sorrows which we have so often cried.
Not often knowing the comfort,
nor sensing from whence it comes,
we sink deeply into the weeping
which longs to fill up our lungs
as our hearts cry out to Someone 
we have only vaguely known,
Who is somehow leading us onward 
to that comforting place called home.
And there the sorrows are taken away
with only the greatest of Love
by He Who came down to rescue those
who seek their healing above.