Podcast/AudioBook: The Compendium of Christian Doctrine, aka the Catechism of Pope St. Pius X, part 3

This book is a favorite among traditional Catholics for the use of catechesis. It’s presentation is pretty straightforward: divided into sections, with each section focusing on a topic that is explored in a question and answer session. This is part 3 because I am uploading it weekly in 30-40 minute segments.

VIDEO: The Strange Case of the Slaves Of The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Video: Sources: Click to access 20170307-Letter.pdf https://catholicism.org/notification-concerning-mass-and-the-sacraments-at-saint-benedict-center.html https://catholicism.org/press-release-january-10-2019-response-to-media-inquiries.html https://catholicism.org/press-releases.html Click to access Decree-Precepts-StBenedictCtr.pdf https://www.sentinelsource.com/news/local/manchester-diocese-forbids-catholics-from-activities-at-st-benedict-center/article_2bd53a3c-5c9f-57c8-93e2-91cdad1ae81a.html