Pachamama’s Revenge

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4 thoughts on “Pachamama’s Revenge

  1. Things have been getting weird for some time Anthony. You’ve just been luckier than most in not having to acknowledge it maybe until now. All those scary stories we told each other as kids, or parents would remind us that a movie was just that, a movie, and we never in a moment in of time expect to encounter the bizarre level of evil thats in high gear right now. Im not going into everything i myself have experienced that has had me running to the only Catholic Priest who is pretty well known for his ability to help rid those evil ones. After getting reassurance of being like glade fly catcher, thats attracting evil, and requesting I set up a next appointment. 3 years later, every possible thing has intervened. Its been this way for 10 years, Covens are really big now with lawyers. And i think I’ve been in someones ill wishes for awhile. But, They can’t touch yoi Antony unless you accept it. Can’t wait to see your video today

    1. You may be clicking on it too soon. I instruct WordPress to make the blog post public when the video goes live, which is usually 30-45 minutes after I make the blog post, but WordPress makes it live anyway despite using their worthless scheduling tool. It’s a consistent problem.


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