Pachamama Returns & Exposes The Synod of Synodality

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We knew it was only a matter of time before the Pacha demon made an appearance at a Synodal event.




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2 thoughts on “Pachamama Returns & Exposes The Synod of Synodality

  1. Thoroughly unpacked, Anthony, with thanks !

    @9:00 ff ” . . spirituality of welcome and itineracy .” Phony
    as a 3-dollar bill ! Humanism in a vacuum ! Christian
    Humanism emptied of Christ and His Church !

    @20: 00 ff ” . . FEEL MORE welcome.” ?? We were FULLY
    welcomed at our Baptism, adopted as REAL Sons and
    Daughters of GOD. If we’ve tarnished that immaculate
    garment then let our Parents/ Guardians seek reconciliation
    and Wisdom in the Sacrament of Confession and in the
    Catechism of the Catholic Church . . and ourselves when
    we’ve become of age.

    But . . how DEEP is the curren prevailing IGNORANCE !

    Since when does “how I FEEL” have anything to do
    with my objective, Sacramental Initiation into the
    Mystical Body of Christ, my adoption as a true Child
    of God ?

    Sin and it remedy through the Sacrament of Confession
    AND the Mass/ Eucharist AND the other Sacraments
    ISN’T revoked simply by declaring personal FEELINGS
    as the “new foundation” for Membership, buttressed
    by the worship of rain-forest and other demons!

    “St. Patrick of Ireland —the Church remembers your
    Feast day today —come down and chase these
    contemporary “snakes” out of the Church !! “

  2. We have entered an EXTREMELY dangerous place and, for many reasons, we as Catholics don’t know how to resist the evil being perpetrated by Francis and his evil ways. I urge you to listen to the end to the late great John Vennari’s Fatima Center Conference video entitled: “The Immaculate Heart vs. the New Paganism”. It explains in plain true Catholic teaching terms the origins of the evils of Modernism which, since V2, have been promulgated and taught by supposed Catholic theologians, clergy, etc. over an extended period of time, making the true faith appear obsolete, false and unacceptable to the MODERN CATHOLIC MIND. This is one of the most compelling talks I have ever heard on how the Roman Catholic Church has been deceived and is now drowning in heresy, blasphemy and confusion regarding her exalted Catholic teaching and how she allowed herself to be, in Vennari’s words, been BETRAYED AS JUDAS BETRAYED OUR BLESSED LORD.


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