New Proof That The Great Apostasy May Already Be Here

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When you really dive into the numbers, very few Catholics today are actually Catholic.




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2 thoughts on “New Proof That The Great Apostasy May Already Be Here

  1. The Nullus Ordo “Church” only has clerics and not real priests. There are some priests who are trying to use the Protestant Prayer service of Paul VI for the sacrifice, but it’s a zero of itself.
    The Nullus Ordo IS THE CATECHISM of the paper religion erected by the fake Council, which was convened for no reason and never separated any truth from any falsehood, but threw both in the same hopper & let people pick out if the rag basket whatever they might. The Nullus Ordo is the perfect expression of this sterile hybrid.

  2. Anthony, all of “the above” have been forecast by Our Lady of Fatima, but SPELLED OUT during the 24 years of the Marian Movement of Priests (M.M.P.), in “To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons” ( 19 printings in English, from 1973 to 1997).

    “As regards the validity of these writings, the classical and traditional criteria have been adhered to:  — correspondence with revealed truth  
    — an enduring attitude of humility and obedience  
    — some confirmations, humbly asked of God  
    — the subject’s calm availability and the peace which precedes and follows the divine communication.” (page xxxix)

    These are the bare essentials of the foundation underlying the 24 years of events as communicated by Fr. Stefano Gobbi to Bishops and Priests gathered variously each year in different countries throughout the globe, in formats called “Cenacles”, and employing St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercies.

    I can only conclude that you have been raised “by grace and the Prayers of the Church” to podcast these events —forecast through the M.M.P. (Marian Movement of Priests) —as they are actually happening!

    May I recommend that you —and any of your followers — obtain a copy of (18th/ 19th edition in English if possible) “To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”. I had used it weekly for meditation during my scheduled hour of Eucharistic Adoration (St. Mary’s Chapel, London, Ontario, from 1995 until Covid), and am impelled to share these fruits so pertinent for today.


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