New Lay Organization Launches To Protect Canceled Priests

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The aim: make the TLM available in remote areas of the US.




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One thought on “New Lay Organization Launches To Protect Canceled Priests

  1. Is the Episcopal authority of each Bishop distinct and
    independent from [ yet tied to Christ the Head and the
    “Keys” of St. Peter ] the sitting Pope, or does their authority
    directly DERIVE FROM a current Vicar . . in this case Francis?

    But given Francis’ consistent ambiguity and increasing
    departures from the Sacred Deposit of Faith, how can a
    Bishop be obedient to that kind of scurrilous “authority”?

    We Baptized pledge obedience to the Sacred Deposit of
    the Faith and to the Vicar defending and upholding it.
    But NOT to the person of a “deified” political Dictator
    like Jorge Bergoglio [ a.k.a. “Francis” ]. How, by the
    way, has the cancelling of Priests been CANONICALLY

    During the Arian crisis [ 3rd/ 4th century ] where did
    Faithful Catholics go to Mass and receive Sacraments
    while St. Athanasius was exiled for a 1st, 2nd, 3rd (?)
    time? How many Bishops were NOT Arian? Did the
    Laity devise a similar organization to protect Faithful
    Priests ? [ Looks like I’ve just cut out some serious
    historical homework for myself.]

    How did the underground Nagasaki Catholics survive
    without Priests for upwards of 300 years? [ More homework! ]
    My guess: mothers and women kept the practise of
    the Sacramental liturgies alive . . Baptism, liturgical
    prayers of the Mass, Confession? Marriages? . .
    don’t know.

    Looks like we might eventually live under a false
    christ and a false church by the way Bergoglio
    is moving. Will Ordinations [ of Bishops and Priests ]
    remain legitimate?

    The protection of canceled Priests IS good news !
    Need we quibble about CANONICALLY legitimate
    while the Hierarchal acknowledgement of the
    Sacred Deposit of Faith has been force

    St. Athanasius [ Boniface, Willibrord, Canisius,
    Catherine of Siena . . all you Holy Founders
    and Fathers of the Church ]
    pray for us, and the Papacy !


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