New Details About The Pachamama Event Show That What Francis Did Was Far Worse Than Anyone Realized

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People claim that he loves our Lady, but his actions speak otherwise.



The coin was issued on October 16, the anniversary of the founding of St Max’s Militia Immaculata. Minted October 7, feast of our lady of the rosary

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5 thoughts on “New Details About The Pachamama Event Show That What Francis Did Was Far Worse Than Anyone Realized

  1. Also, it’s important to point out to people that what the idol is pregnant with is a SERPENT. She is not bearing a human child, nor is she just generically pregnant.

  2. Postscript #2: from the account of St.Margaret’s visions of the Sacred Heart (1673 ff ?) we learn the following
    about ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI [see: A. Hamon, Life Of The Blessed Marguerite-Marie, Paris: Gabriel Beauchesne
    & Co., 1908, p.125; as found in: Timothy O’Donnell, STD, Heart Of The Redeemer, p.128f ] “On the feast of
    St. Francis, our Lord let me see in prayer this great Saint . . He had been raised above the other Saints to an
    extra-ordinarily high degree of glory, BECAUSE HIS LIFE WAS SO LIKE THAT OF THE SUFFERING
    REDEEMER who is the life of our souls and the love of our hearts. His glory was the reward of HIS GREAT
    LOVE FOR THE PASSION OF OUR LORD, a love which rendered him worthy of the Sacred Stigmata and
    made him one of the favourites of Jesus’s Heart . . (and) . . given great power in applying to the Faithful the
    merits of the Precious Blood.
    After I had seen all this, the Divine Bridegroom, as a token of his love, GAVE ME ST.FRANCIS AS MY
    SOUL’S GUIDE. He was to lead me through all the pains and sufferings which awaited me.”

    Rabbits ‘n birds ‘n the wolf of Gubbio? Sure. That too !

  3. A postscript: From veteran Exorcist, Fr. Chad Ripperger, we learn that Our Lady’s title, “Mother of Fair Love”,
    was removed by Bugnini, even BEFORE the actual Vatican II Council. During the Council 21 titles of Our Lady
    were removed. [ see: talks by Fr. Ripperger under “Our Lady of Fair Love”.]

  4. Contrast these blasphemous “shenanigans” with Sister Pascalina Lehnert’s description of attending her first Mass said by Nuncio Eugenio Pacelli, the future Pope Piux XII. First a preface: “Most of the following reminiscences were already written down in the spring of 1959 . . just a few months after the death of Piux XII . . on the instructions of my Mother Superior . . to set down a record of what I had come to know and could recall about the life of this great Pope . . ” Sister Lehnert’s description: ” . . So the next morning —it was Sunday —we attended the Nuncio’s Holy Mass FOR THE FIRST TIME . . a wonderful experience . . to be repeated . . DURING THE NEXT 40 YEARS. His very appearance in the house’s simple chapel already lent (to) everything a note of solemnity [though he was anything
    but “authoritarian” ] . . genuflection . . sign of the cross . . putting on the vestments for Mass (every syllable of the prayers audible) . . Holy Mass itself . . was moving and convincing IN SUCH A NEW WAY that one knew with infinite joy that there could be no other truth . . everything about (his Mass) was utterly genuine . . I did not miss a single opportunity [subsequently] in ALL THE 40 YEARS AND MORE to attend his Holy Masses. (Nor was I the only one)
    to take this impression away with me . . Nuncio (Pacelli) celebrated a Pontifical Mass on August 27, 1922 (at the Catholic Congress in Munich). Archbishop Michael von Faulhaber, immediately after the Mass, came to see me at the nunciature and said: ‘i have just attended the most moving Mass in my life. Only a saint can celebrate like that!’. My reply was, ‘It’s the same experience every day, Your Excellency!'” [ see: His Humble Servant: Sister M. Lehnert’s Memoirs of Her Years of Service to Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII; translated from the German by Susan Johnson, 2014, St.Augustine Press, South Bend, Indiana. Chapter 1, “An Envoy of Peace to the World.”]

  5. Yes Pachamama is satan worship !
    Francis has to do all this as he is a hybrid. Jesus says almost all nations today are ruled by the nephlim and as we move into the Last times they will move to spread their vision of one world government, one religion etc

    Catholics have to be very careful that this man does not take one to hell. He has marketed the v@x as an act of Love and we fell for it ! Now going forward he will be strongly marketing the mark of the beast( digital tatoo on the forehead, RFID chip on the right palm) which will be introduced after the economic collapse, famine conditions when cash, cards, gold etc does not work.
    Do not take it as the DNA change to satans DNA is irreversible and the receiver eventually goes into hell. Sad.

    Queen and Mother of the Last Times
    Snatch us out of the clutches of Evil 😈


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