Monks Persecuted By Francis Show What True Loyalty Means

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When it comes time for you, what will you choose: loyalty to the faith or to a man who promotes errors?




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2 thoughts on “Monks Persecuted By Francis Show What True Loyalty Means

  1. After reading 1P5 —second article. about the fight between the liberal Leo XIII and (his opposites; sorry: can’t
    commit to memory all those 19th Century names; besides, politics has NEVER been my “game”) —the memory which surfaces unspoilt as ever is of Thérèse Martin, her sister Céline, and their (holy and loving!) Dad. Thérèse, on her knees (AND clasping the knees of Leo . . against regulations), blurts out her passionate desire to enter Carmel early —under-age so to speak. Leo, gently, kindly, yet clearly steers Thérèse to overcoming her heart’s passionate desire towards obedience to her Bishop and to Carmel’s Mother Superior back home. All this AFTER the two Martin girls had entered the Colosseum and kissed the sands which had received the blood of the early Martyrs.

    So, suffice it to say that it all worked out. Thérèse’s ORDINARY yet hidden life in the Lisieux Carmel —frugal; cold
    (no modern heating) in winter, yet never dousing her joy and smile (because she had discovered her true calling, “I will be Love in the heart of the Church”) —got her declared “the greatest Saint of Modern Times” a quarter century after her death in 1897.

    Here she is —yes, right here right now next to this computer; never leaves — looking at me from the iconic photo (taken by her sister Celine) on the cover of her Story Of A Soul (the 1951 Michael Day translation). She’s been “with me”, off and on, since I was 15, when Story of a Sooul found its way into my hands. I never DID finish reading Thomas B. Costaine’s “The Silver Chalice”.

    Liberals? Ultramontanists? Pope Leo XIII? . . he steered St.Thérèse right. He also gave us the “Prayer to St.
    Michael”, and warned us of the dark movements and players of the 19th century who effectively saddled the
    next century and —especially! —our own 21st, with a spreading Freemasonry and its “black brain child” of
    Atheistic Communism.

    So, in the midst of this globalist cauldron of a witch’s brew, why am I—and countless other devotees around our globe —blessed with the day-to-day presence of St.Thérèse?? Because that’s the very nature and action of Love.

    “I will be Love in the Heart of the Church”. Not for an hour! Not for 98.5 years! . . but until “40 minutes AFTER the
    Devil knows we’ve died (and gone to Heaven, yes?)”   — old Irish saying.

    1. POSTSCRIPT; Pope Leo XIII was also seen as “the Pope of the Rosary”, promoting it at every turn.


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