Modernists BRAG That They’re Tearing Down The Hierarchy

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This is probably nothing to worry about, right?




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3 thoughts on “Modernists BRAG That They’re Tearing Down The Hierarchy

  1. “How long must Catholic Women WAIT for
    Equality?” ( on a placard carried in Rome
    currently ).

    ANSWER: so long as Women [ AND men ] aren’t
    FULLY DIVINE and FULLY human . . like Jesus was,
    is, and forever will be.

    BAPTIZED Catholic Men model themselves on Christ
    the [ SINLESS ] Man, Baptized into the Death and
    Resurrection [ victory over sin and death ] of

    Let Catholic Women model themselves, as “in days
    of old”, on the M O T H E R [ and the M O T H E R I N G ]
    of God in raising Priests [ men ] for Holy MOTHER
    Church. Yes, the Church and Women are feminine;
    Christ and all other men aren’t.

    Try THAT REALITY on us poor MEN ! Like, don’t be
    so greedy, dear Ladies.

    What’s wrong with Sinless Christ [the PERFECT Man]
    choosing SINFUL Men to CONTINUE the offering of
    sacrifices to the Father for the Salvation of the World?

    Nothing. It’s the Divine Template of ETERNAL

  2. Most Loved Anthony,

    I am astonished by the “X” revelry as “tweeted” by the modernists – the future
    they can “taste” as the “stew” they are brewing .

    Your observation is 💯. Opinion writers for theNational Catholic Reporter, as well as Prarie Grandpa Bobs Canadian commentator Lafferty, are all smiles . The change they believe is “theirs” to grasp is seen within their reach. Yet , they fail to not recognize that the 5 year calendar of Synodality is only an exercise of opinion; in this context an expression of non-sense . These “educated” people have embraced the US academic constructs of CRT (Critical Religious Theory) as desires freedom from hierarchical oppression. The Magisterial imperialists, those with “clerical guilt”, align with the rebellious to give the origin of error with the Church fathers, at the roots of His Church . Yes , “doctrine”, according to them, has been errant from the start.

    This collection of individuals who are now “listening” are no more than institutional academics with a motivation to push an agenda . They are asking the whole of Christ’s Church to know themselves as “racists” who act to maintain modernists in slavery to His Truth .

    In short, while they define themselves as Catholic by declaration, by ideology they are communists and socialists ( anti – Catholic ) . They see their mission as “saviors” who will rescue His Church from Our Savior .

    Climate change, woman’s rights , James Martin “rights”, are advocated under the guise of a democratic ( demon rats ) church . They use Christ as a HUMAN shield, they hide behind him as they proclaim His Holy Spirit to be their guide.

    BUT , beautiful , in their zeal to express themselves , with each vocalization they expose themselves, for all to see who the truly declare themselves to be ; the boomerang effect will be fast and furious !!!

    There is one prayer which likely applies to their beliefs , “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do “ . Unfortunately, in the mix, there are those that truly know that which they do.

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )


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