Modernist Rome May Be Coming For The Anglican Ordinariate Next

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Most people ignored the new motu proprio issued by Francis because all it appeared to do was to reshuffle the chairs in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. But there’s more to it than that, a poison pill against reverent worship.




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One thought on “Modernist Rome May Be Coming For The Anglican Ordinariate Next

  1. Thanks, Anthony, for the “Heads up!”, a timely warning. Our family belongs to a very thriving Ordinairiate Parish, a one hundred year
    old sqeeky (original wood floors, pews, decor) heritage building
    . . poor . . small numbers . . attracting “the weak, the lost, and the
    lonely”. The Sarum Rite liturgy traces back to 11th Century Diocese of Salisbury, England —and beyond that to 8th Century Gaul — when Latin was the going language. Cranmer’s translation
    of that Rite (basically intact) into English passed it on to our day
    in that language. Only the Kyrie remains in Latin. But facing the
    East, the altar rail, and receiving Holy Communion on the tongue,
    while kneeling at the altar rail, have also remained intact. “Holy
    House” School (up to the end of High-School) has also been legally established. A first-rate schola led by a veteran organist &
    two gifted organists-in-training, also continue to attract “the weak,
    the lost, and the lonely” as well as more thriving Catholic young
    families (with “lost of kids”). Our Ordinairiate Bishop and “Chair”
    is in Texas, while we honour the mandate of our local Bishop.


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