Martyr Bishop Warns Of Destructive Synod

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Cardinal Zen has suffered for the Church in China but that hasn’t kept him from being worried about the health of the universal Church.




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One thought on “Martyr Bishop Warns Of Destructive Synod

  1. As a “cradle” Catholic, fast approaching the proverbial
    “four-score-and-ten” years —actually “three-score-and
    twenty” (80) —I find that RemnantTV broadcaster Michael
    Matt BEST hits the mark on Pope Francis & his two-year
    up-coming diocesan workups on “synodality”, most

    Mr. Matt delivers more than a few “well chosen words”.
    Like the 90ft GRANITE Boston Light, 18 miles off-
    shore, veteran 4th generation newspaperman Mr. Matt
    ISN’T moved by “100 ft Atlantic breakers” during the
    on-going, muffin-Tim-Horton-fed synodal gale
    “storming” the Church as we speak.

    Someone please find me a LARGE (for comfort)
    padded apple-cider barrel in which to put Jorge,
    so’s to let those (very real!) Niagara waters rush
    him over the Falls . . BEFORE “Frankie” does it
    to St.Peter’s Barque . . to the whole CATHOLIC
    Church !!


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