Malachi Martin Was Right

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Q and the Deep State were a distraction from what was really going on, and has been for some time: what Malachi Martin called The Superforce.



The list of real life counterparts to the characters in the novel:


Novel: Vatican, by Malachi Martin

Book: The Keys of This Blood, by Malachi Martin

Novel: Windswept House, by Malachi Martin

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3 thoughts on “Malachi Martin Was Right

  1. I would humbly recommend NOT reading Windswept House. Firstly, from what I’m told it is very graphic even in the opening chapters and we need to be very careful what we put in our imaginations.
    Secondly, and most importantly, this book puts everyone in a dangerous bind. Anthony, I dearly hope you will not take offence but please consider this. Especially with regard to the key you provide to link the fictional characters with their real counterparts.
    If Malachi Martin’s has intentionally indicated ‘this character is this person’ and the assertions in his book are not true, then he has committed slander and you are an accomplice. And so are readers who read it to know ‘who did what’. If Malachi Martin’s assertions ARE true, then at the very least, he committed detraction and you are an accomplice. And so are readers who read it. Or at least one is putting oneself in the occasion of sin if they are reading out of curiosity.
    No matter what these men are guilty of, our way should be clear. We are to shun any occasion of sin in the area of slander or detraction like the plague. WHETHER OR NOT THESE GUYS ARE GUILTY. Church teaching on this is clear.
    I know it’s bad. I don’t doubt the worst possible sins are rife even in what should be the most sacred of places and institutions (I mean hey, read the bible if you are naive to think otherwise!)
    It IS bad. It could even be worse than we thought. But that’s all the average person needs to know. Not names, or to have suspicions which are impossible IMPOSSIBLE to verify in the cesspool of manipulated information, common opinion and our own concupiscence.
    Regardless of who may have done what or is doing X Y Z, our way is clear.
    Prayer, penance, charity. CHARITY.
    I for one don’t want to be going to hell because I was convinced some prelate committed a grave sin because I read a ‘fictional but not fictional’ account. Because, and make no mistake, being convinced someone committed a mortal sin when you have no actual proof IS actually grave matter. Sure, exercising rational discernment allows us to wonder, but this is a slippery slope.
    Rather than read this book wouldn’t it be much better to study our faith, to memorise scripture and Church teachings? Because we’re going to need that even more than ever in the coming days.

    1. Bernadette–
      Malachi Martin knew more about the corruption in the Church than perhaps anyone. He must be listened to by any Catholic serious about their faith with the courage to hear the truth. Most folks can’t handle the truth as we know from our personal experience.

      Windswept House is a great book but not for those who can’t handle the truth. Anyone who tunes into Return to Tradition should want to zealously promote Malachi Martin and his works. One day he will be proclaimed a saint.

      Be sure to check out Bernard Jensen interviews with Malachi. Here is a 6 hour one I’m now listening to:

  2. Very good Anthony. Malachi Martin was a herald of the truth about the evil in the Church as it absorbed the evils of the world. Now, in our time, we can confirm that he was correct. The smoke of Satan mentioned by Pope Paul VI has become a conflagration both in the Church and the world as presented to us by actions and words of coming from the Vatican along with the actions and words emanating from certain government officials, the MSM, our colleges, our Church leaders in the United States.

    The good part of all this is we now have more knowledge of the truth. And as Christ said the truth will set us free. Regardless what happens let us use this opportunity to get closer to God and His Blessed Mother. Pray for courage, prudence and sanctity. Our Lady will help us. Make the First Saturdays, a daily rosary, go to Mass often. Be a Church Militant Catholic fighting the good fight beginning with the devil inside each of us.


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