Malachi Martin: The Vatican Used A Fake Sister Lucia To Bury Fatima

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Some interesting words from Malachi Martin on the most divisive part of the mystery of Fatima




Fatima Priest, by Fr Nicholas Gruner

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8 thoughts on “Malachi Martin: The Vatican Used A Fake Sister Lucia To Bury Fatima

  1. Most people are pleased by the famous musical groups they’ve seen perform live. As for me, I’m most happy at having had the opportunity to be present when Fr. Gruner daid the TLM at my local independent chapel.

  2. Definitely place longer interviews on Rumble. Best to be ona site free of the censorship of the U-tube.

  3. By all means dive more deeply into lengthier interviews where ever you are able to uncover the truth buried by the vatican. I’ve listened to those tapes 30 years ago and found them fascinating. ( I wonder if the unrevealed portion of 3rd secret hinted at Lucy’s demise or the manner in which she would be silenced. She did have difficulty in writing it).

    Fr. Gruner video with John Vennari: Fr.Gruner said it is a possibility there were two Lucy’s. Malachi Martin’s intro to the book Fatima Priest was made without Gruner’s protestations so i can imagine Gruner’s message could still be authentic without the stain of conspiracy theories tainting his intent.

    I think Dr. Peter Chojnowski’s website appears to me to be very real, there there can be no reason to doubt it’s authenticity.

    Keep up the good work Anthony.

    1. Thank you for post on
      Malachi Martin and fake Sr Lucy. This is a really important topic!!!!!!

      Do as much as you can on it.

      It should be commercially successful, Messages from Our Lady, silenced by Vatican, warning of worldwide “chastisement”, Vatican corruption etc etc.

      But the import to the church even more important.

      Also, thanks for your posts on Malachi Martin. I could not make out what to think of him. For now I accept your judgment. But I’d be interested to see more.

      I like your work. Please keep it coming.

      Moira Eastman PhD.

  4. I agree with Malachi and ‘Lucy Truth’ that the Church foisted a fake Lucia on the world. Given all the disobedience, destruction and dishonesty that has happened to the Church since Vatican II that no should be surprised.

  5. Anthony, a couple of quotes: ” . . as we say in India . . ” Malachi Martin
    is from INDIA? Whatever. From the interview page shown we also find
    he’s an Exorcist, which, for myself, puts him on par with Fr. Chad
    Ripperger. Both have dealt with real Demons . . who LIE, unless
    forced to cough up the truth under obedience to the Church-mandated

    So .. this Prairie Grandpa will stick with Père Martin, who, I noticed,
    doesn’t allow a split-second for the conversation to veer away from
    what he [ Fr. Martin ] knows to be HISTORICALLY FACTUAL.

    Regarding the phoney “Lucia”: in front of me is a a 1976 copy of
    -Fatima In Lucia’s Own Words (Imprimature, 13 May, 1976, +Albertus
    Bishop of Leira, Portugal). From her photograph Sr. Lucia has an
    EVEN ROW of upper teeth. The impostor has larger upper teeth
    including one OBVIOUS “buck tooth”, plus her physiognomy below
    the tip of her nose is vastly different. I mean, c’mon! .. I’m breaking
    up into a hearty L.O.L. (laugh our loud)!

    Regarding “long-form interviews (on Rumble)” and ” .. if you
    would watch those interviews if (it did them that way) .. ” I would
    recommend interested viewers FIRST get a copy of Sr. Lucia’s
    OWN interrogation (by Dr. Antero De Figueiredo/ Fatima In
    Lucia’s Own Words ,, achieved under obedience to her
    Religious Superior).

    There we get the whole account —events; persons: places —
    including “cameos” of Francisco’s character and recollections
    of Jacinta and her reputation for Sanctity.

    Otherwise there is the danger of historically foggy opinions,
    —”THREE REMOVES” from the on-the-ground people &
    events OF 1917, which will blur even falsify the NON-Hollywood
    things which ACTUALLY to place then in the Cova da Iria.

  6. Good morning Anthony,
    I would like to see an interview on Sister Lucy truth. And, any other long form information on the Church in general.
    God Bess


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