Major Theologian Rebukes Francis Publicly

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What happens when a Dominican decides to leave the Dominican order and join the SSPX?




Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Letter to Friends & Benefactors, no. 9, 1975

+Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, “Can Obedience Oblige us to Disobey?” from the July 1988 edition of “The Angelus Magazine”, statement originally given March 29th, 1988.

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3 thoughts on “Major Theologian Rebukes Francis Publicly

  1. Dear God Almighty, please bless and protect this superb Dominican priest who speaks profoundly about the great treasure of the Latin Mass which was so suddenly and inexplicably taken from us Faithful.

  2. Thanks Anthony. I agree 100% with the Dominican theologian. Soon all orthodox Catholics will need to join SSPX in order to save their Catholic faith as it has become increasingly diluted since Vatican II with Protestantism and now, under Pope Francis, a new species of godless secular humanism combined with totalitarian Communism. Disobedience to Pope Francis is now essential if one wishes to save his/her soul.


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