Major Jesuit Tramples The Eucharist

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Lets just redefine the Eucharist while we’re at it because why not.


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2 thoughts on “Major Jesuit Tramples The Eucharist

  1. About a month ago one of the priests in my parish published an article in the Sunday Bulletin advising that those in the state of sin could receive Holy Communion. I sent a letter to our pastor asking that this letter be clarified or nullified in the next issue of the Bulletin. I received no response.

    Of course, as we all know, most Catholics are now in the probable state of mortal sin when they receive Holy Communion as very few go to Confession on regular basis if at all. Looking to the future, since such reception in a state of sin is evidently permissible, we should not be surprised that the sacrament of Confession will be eliminated and the full Protestantization of the Catholic Church will have been accomplished.


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