2 thoughts on “Is Vigano In Schism? The Main Defense of Vatican 2

  1. I think this was a fair and respectful presentation of the matter. If people want to resort to ad hominem attacks instead of dealing with substantive issues, then they should expect to be called on it. Archbishop Viganò deserves answers to his objections. We who have been beaten black and blue with Vatican II for almost 60 years deserve to know we also had a right to have our questions answered.

  2. Fr. Raymond DeSouza arguments against Archbishop Vigano position on Vatican II are largely absent. His case is pure smear of Vigano, an ad hominem argument and hence illegitimate.

    Anyone can argue argue against the validity of Vatican II as has been done for years without becoming schismatic. This is so because Vatican II is a purely Pastoral and not Doctrinal. Many books have been written in the past critiquing the many issues resulting from this problematic council.

    As a result we should dismiss Fr. DeSouza remarks and consider them purely as defensive politics of those who wish to remain in the good graces of “Pope” Francis.


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