Is Francis The Destroyer Pope? A Prominent Catholic Leader Speaks Out

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Everything he’s touched in the Church has been destroyed and remade into the image and likeness of the Synodal Church.




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3 thoughts on “Is Francis The Destroyer Pope? A Prominent Catholic Leader Speaks Out

  1. It has been my belief almost from the beginning of this disastrous pontificate that Francis took the name “Francis” after St. Francis of Assisi, not because of St. Francis’ love for the poor, but because the Lord told St. Francis “Rebuild my Church”, and in perfect sATANIC mockery, Pope Francis has adopted the slogan of the globalists to “Build Back Better” (meaning a communist dictatorship where God has no authority, no place, and people are enslaved).

  2. Yes, I do agree with Mr. Seewald !

    If memory serves me well, were not the Vatican
    inhabitants mesmerized by FEAR of Francis in the
    opening years of his “Pontatorship” ??
    DICTATORS instil fear ! . . an ideal milieu for Francis
    getting away with his “slo-mo” trajectory of Deposit
    of Faith dismanteling.

    Engendered FEAR was also —and WILL BE —
    the basis for the Globalist Covid de-population scheme
    lasting so long. Right now in Canada, Trudeau’s
    “liberals” are planning to price COVID-DEFEATING
    natural supplements out of reach of ordinary consumers’
    pocket books.

    Francis’ tornado path of destruction shows up in
    stark contrast to former Pontificates when Christ
    and His Church were still “intact”. Now we can see,
    in a “rear-view-mirror” glance, Frankie’s whole
    shocking Marxist vandalizing. But, DURING it’s
    snail-paced, incremental “speed”, Francis’ ambiguous,
    yet VIOLENT, intent and accomplishment was difficult
    to NAME, given the HABIT of BELIEVING and
    LIVING morally by catechized & Faithful Catholics,
    who would NEVER in “a month of Sundays” dream
    a Vicar of CHRIST could or would DO that ! ! !

    It’s kind of like: “Aunt May fell through the floor
    one day, after termites had been eating THEIR
    way day after day.” [ Ogden Nash ? ]

    NOW that Francis’ destructive path IS a
    transparent fact —when one no longer has to
    trudge along in suspended “hope for the best”,
    YET wondering “WHAT is Francis up to NEXT?” —
    Grandpa’s suspended feelings have suddenly
    flared up into deep ANGER for this imposter,
    this interloping “Gate-of-Heaven” crasher !!

    Only St. Joseph [in all Heaven]—”Protector
    of Holy Mother Church” —to whom Grandpa
    is Consecrated, will have the FINAL “Say”.
    His will be in sync with the Will of God. And
    THAT certitude bring’s Grandpa’s boiling
    outrage back down to a simmer.


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