Is Christ Still King in Fratelli Tutti?

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They have uncrowded Him. The famous statement of Archbishop Lefebvre rings as true today as when he said it decades ago.




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One thought on “Is Christ Still King in Fratelli Tutti?

  1. Thanks Anthony. Every day we receive bad news about the condition and direction of the false Catholic Church which unfortunately is the official Church. Our Church hierarchy has signed on, generally speaking , with the powers of darkness. I expect the continued downhill trajectory to continue as the official Church has become an instrument of the devil.

    The only answer I see is divine intervention which will set the stage for a total reform of the Catholic Church prior to the coming of the anti-Christ. This reformed Church will be poor, politically powerless, underground, and with few followers.

    Let us pray that divine intervention will come soon and that each of us will be prepared by the grace of God for the coming devastating days ahead.


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