Irish Priest Canceled by His Bishop For Speaking The Truth

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How dare he preach on *checks notes* Catholic morality at a Catholic Mass?




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2 thoughts on “Irish Priest Canceled by His Bishop For Speaking The Truth

  1. I recall when Fr. John Corapi, S.O.L.T.—before he fell back into former
    worldly/ criminal ways .. though returned to “the straight-and-narro”
    since —telling his (short-wave-radio) audience about his Dad. This man,
    who had been a lapsed Catholic for 50 years, came to his Priest son
    for Confession. The Priest son —Fr. John Corapi —heard his Dad’s
    Confession .. not long after which the Dad passed away . . died.

    Nine —and counting —years of Bergoglian ANTI-Vicar-of-Christ
    shenanigans will N E V E R “cancel” this one good Confession
    (nor the countless others) and it’s ( wait for it!) E T E R N A L
    reward !!!

    May God bless Fr. Sheehy and his “straight-shootin'” preaching
    of the Catholic Faith !

    This heroic Pastor’s Bishop —and the oh-so-many Modernist,
    Arian-like hierarchy out there —will be CHOKING on the
    “cotton candy” they’ve been feeding the REAL faithful of the
    Emerald Isle, who’ve been starving for “Meat ‘n Potatoes ‘n
    Gravy”, genuine “Irish Stew”, for too long !

  2. Bless this Priest who speaks the truth ! Its our immortal soul as once lost to the fires of hell is lost forever !

    Queen and Mother of the Last Times
    Snatch us out of the clutches of Evil 😈

    Jesus have mercy on me a sinner !


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